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Bechtle vSphere Optimisation Assessment (VOA).  


Turn up data centre agility and efficiency while staying in control of your operations? By choosing vSphere for server virtualisation, you’re taking the first step towards reducing IT spend and boosting your infrastructure’s agility, but there’s still more to do: Virtual environments are growing all the time, making it more and more challenging to keep full visibility.

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    Product description
    Use case
    VOA Dashboard

    When looking at your virtual infrastructure, how would you answer the following?


    • Do I manage my infrastructure based on statistical threshold values?
    • How many tools from different vendors do I need to maintain and run to gain an overview of my current IT?
    • Am I making optimum use of my hardware or could I save real money through some efficient consolidation?
    • What is my VM density?
    • Can I use existing resources to support more projects and fulfil user requirements or do I need new hardware?
    • If you can’t give a definitive answer to these questions, our vSphere Optimisation Assessment is exactly what you need!
    Product description

    How does the assessment work and what insights does it offer?

    The VOA is a 30-day assessment that combines proactive analytics with VMware vRealize Operations’ automation capabilities. The VOA allows us to analyse your existing virtual infrastructure and show you how you can optimise it to increase efficiency and boost performance.


    What results can you expect?

    Configuration Assessment Report (From day 1):

    From day one, you’ll gain valuable insights into your cluster, host and VM set-up and see how you can optimise your configurations. What’s more, you’ll gain a better understanding of HA (high availability), DR (disaster recovery), admission control, VMware tools and other security and essential settings.

    Performance Assessment Report (Days 5-7):

    Identify performance bottlenecks and see at a glance which resources are used most often and/or cause the biggest workloads. Analyse your smart alerts, optimise your VM distribution and get recommendations on how to resolve any future performance issues.

    Capacity Assessment Report (From day 21):

    Optimise loads, increase resource efficiency and effectively free up capacities. From individual workloads to storage capacities, you can trust our assessment recommendations to scale VMs and applications to your needs.

    Consolidated Assessment Report (After 30 days):

    A final consolidated report provides a comprehensive overview of how you can make your infrastructure more resilient, minimise risks and dramatically improve your virtual environment’s efficiency in the long-term. Only then can you better plan investments or avoid them altogether. You’ll receive a report that is tailored to your infrastructure and your individual business, which will give you and our consultants a sound basis to discuss recommendations and future plans.


    Module 1 – On-site installation (duration 0.5 -1 day)

    • Presentation of vRealize Operations and related solutions
    • Installation of vRealize Operations in your environment (test licences)
    • Demonstration of the user interface and features
    • Explanation of benefits and added values
    • Creation and analysis of a Configuration Assessment Report

    Module 2 – Analysis (remote, after approx. 3-4 weeks)

    • Full analysis of assessment results
    • Performance, Capacity and Consolidated Assessment Reports
    • Joint assessment of collected values
    • Final report
    Bechtle vSphere Optimisation Assessment

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