Step into the Cloud for Financial Institutions
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Step into the Cloud for Financial Institutions.  


Step Into the Cloud for Financial Institutions is a standardized process to help financial institutions understand and design their Microsoft Azure infrastructure, providing them with the assistance they need along the way. Step Into the Cloud for Financial Institutions is an important milestone for Microsoft Azure enablement, and maps to the Ready phase of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

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    Use case
    Product description
    Use case
    Use Case Step into the Cloud for financial institutions

    How do you benefit?

    German and EU regulations, governance, security, cloud spend and lack of in-house expertise are the key challenges for companies that venture into the cloud. With Step Into the Cloud for Financial Institutions, you can tackle any challenge right from the very beginning.


    What will it bring you?

    Over the course of several workshops, we will address the key components of a scalable and proven landing zone.

    • Compilance
    • Governance
    • Security
    • Hybrid identities
    • Connectivity
    • Monitoring
    • Automation


    When is the right time?

    Directives, laws, regulations and standards aim to create stability and Step Into the Cloud for Financial Institutions comes into play when you want to experiment or deploy your first production workload in the cloud and want to make sure that your initial efforts will not have to be duplicated to ensure a compliant solution. You also want to make sure that you can sustain growth linked to the outsourcing of additional workloads without breaching any regulations.

    Product description

    What does the package include?

    This offer is composed of several work packages.

    • Azure Discovery Workshop
    • Compliance and Policies Workshop
    • Six topic workshops – for each of the topics, the workshop will be delivered in three parts:
      1. Presentation of the topic and its Azure implementation 
      2. Presentation of the prescriptive guidance from the Bechtle SITCFI blueprint
      3. Discussion and documentation of the associated design decisions, deviation from the
           recommendations and associated rationale

    Step into the Cloud for Financial Services
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