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Bechtle’s General Terms and Conditions for the Delivery of IT Products and Services (GT&Cs) and the Terms and Conditions for Training Services are integral to any contractual relationship between Bechtle and the Customer.

In addition to our General Terms and Conditions, the Supplementary Terms and Conditions for Hardware and Software Maintenance (ST&Cs) are also an integral part of the contract and govern all hardware and software maintenance and support services carried out within the scope of continuing obligations.

These terms and conditions are also available online and can be reviewed, saved and printed at any time:


Registration and confirmation.

You can sign up to training services via the registration form, by fax, telephone, post or e-mail. In order to ensure quality standards, the number of participants per standard training is limited. Therefore admission is accepted on a first-come first-served basis. Your registration is only binding once the date has been confirmed by the relevant Training Centre. If a course is cancelled due to instructor illness, force majeure or other unexpected circumstances, there shall be no obligation to hold the training session. In such a case we will inform you of an alternative date. If a registration is submitted at short notice, which cannot be accommodated due to a lack of resources, Bechtle shall negotiate a new date with the customer.



Bechtle is only liable for damages if it is determined that they have occurred due to wilful intent or gross negligence on the part of Bechtle or one of its agents. Liability limitations for cases of intent and gross negligence are applicable for a breach of contract and for illicit actions. Bechtle shall accept no liability for loss and damage except in the case of gross negligence and intent. The Customer is liable to the extent of the law for damage to the training facilities, inventory, electronic equipment and data belonging to Bechtle or a third party, which is caused by a participant, employee of the Customer or by the customer itself. The Customer is obligated to inform Bechtle in a timely manner of any extraordinary damage that may occur. The contract between Bechtle and the Customer is a service contract and as such the Customer is not entitled to a price reduction or a nullification of the contract.


Withdrawal of participants.

Withdrawal from or postponing a course less than two weeks before its scheduled date will result in the course fee being payable in the full amount. This provision does not apply if a new participant is named.



All prices shown do not include VAT. For an open training course, fees are charged per participant. The price includes training documentation where available, as well as refreshments and a complimentary lunch. Overnight accommodation is not included in the price, however, we will assist you in making arrangements for your stay. Prices become invalid upon publication of a new price list. We reserve the right to change prices, e.g. due to changes in training content or resources. The current price as per our order confirmation applies. Services provided in our IT Training Centre are exempt from cash discounts. We reserve the right to charge any additional costs for rebookings.


Copyright of training materials.

Bechtle reserves all rights pertaining to the training resources. Any reproduction, dissemination or translation of these resources requires the express written consent of Bechtle.


Place of jurisdiction.

The place of jurisdiction shall be the registered business domicile of the respective Bechtle subsidiary.



Invoices must be paid net within 10 days of receipt.



Bechtle cannot be held liable for data lost during repairs or data transfers. It is the Customer’s responsibility to carry out regular data backups on separate media. Additional costs for which Bechtle is not responsible, e.g. through waiting times and unplanned delays for technical or administrative reasons, are not covered by the quote and will be invoiced additionally. Failure to provide services due to force majeure does not constitute a breach of the contract.

Bechtle is entitled to subcontract services