Managed Applications – for smooth operation.

Applications are the most important link between IT and business. As soon as interruptions or problems occur, these are immediately felt by the business. To address this, we offer the Managed Applications service that makes sure that interruptions and technical failures are dealt with before they ever crop up.



Managed Applications services include:

  • Database Services
  • Web Server Services
  • File Server Services

Questions about our Managed Applications?

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Benefits of Managed Applications:

  • Experts take care of the interruptions and failures before they ever happen
  • Less administration, more time for business and innovation
  • More cost-effective, as services are invoiced on demand
  • Better service quality at lower costs
  • Innovative service plans

Database Services.

The Business Service Database ensures round-the-clock seamless, secure operability of your database, no matter whether the service is performed in your IT environment or in the Bechtle computer centre.



The Database Services include:

  • Remote operation of databases (MS SQL and Oracle)
  • Ensured availability of database instances and services
  • Manufacturer requests for 3rd level support
  • Planning and implementation of required database patches to ensure stable operation
  • Provision of standard monthly service reports
  • Regular service review meetings
Database Services
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Web Server Services.

Today, no businesses can afford a lengthy downtime of their IT infrastructure. For customers, partners, or suppliers, not being available in today’s digitised and integrated business can be disastrous. While server systems are generally quite reliable, security, low maintenance and a normally functioning system can be decisive for business operation.


The Bechtle Web Server Service addresses exactly this aspect and offers a comprehensive solution for both physical as well as virtual servers. With Bechtle Web Server Services in place you can benefit from 24x7 secure and fully functional IT operation. Not only that, but the functionality of a Web server is also supplied.


Our specialists configure and administer the systems at the operating system level. Defined service-level agreements (SLAs) ensure highest stability and availability—from the operation of a single system to large server farms, to complex, highly available and cluster-based solutions.


Continuous capacity monitoring is also part of the offered service. This enables platform expansions and modifications to be implemented in time to meet volatile business demands. The proactive patch management guarantees that your systems are always up to date.




  • Remote operation of physical and virtual servers located on customer premises
  • Remote operation of Web server applications
  • Support planning for restoring hardware functionality
  • Planning and implementing required firmware updates to ensure operation stability of the physical servers (on premises)
  • Planning and implementation of required patch updates to ensure operational stability of the servers (on premises)
  • Configuration management to maintain operational stability
  • Provision of standard monthly service reports
  • Regular service review meetings
Web Server
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File Server Services.

Based on defined service-level agreements, our file server service ensures that the end user has round-the-clock access to data. This service is available for both a central file server/file-cluster and for Distributed File Systems (DFS). DFS synchronises user data distributed across customer sites on a central file server system.

Operation services also include ongoing capacity monitoring so that any platform expansions or changes to meet evolving business requirements can be initiated and completed in time.




  • Remote operation of the file server services
  • Implementation of configuration changes to maintain operational stability
  • Provision of standard monthly service reports
  • Regular service review meetings
File Server
(All documents available in German language only.)
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