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Big data, IoT, artificial intelligence, and Industry 4.0 – current IT trends mean that data volume is now growing by 40% a year and will have multiplied by a factor of 5 by 2020. Many data centres are not prepared for these data tsunamis. This is why many companies are making their first tentative steps towards the cloud. But that’s only a partial solution. We need modern storage systems that are powerful, flexible, and scalable. Efficiency, automation, and central management are also fundamental requirements for modern storage environments.

Step by step to your goal:

Bechtle will advise you on all questions you might have on storage environments and virtualisation. Need support in expanding your data centre? We’re happy to help you here, too. We offer:

  • Strategy development
  • IT infrastructure
  • Assessment of
    - Data centres
    - Storage
    - Virtualisation
    - Backup
    - Server
  • Optimisation of data centre infrastructure
  • Monitoring
  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • Procurement, installation, virtualisation, automation and start-up of network, server and storage structures
  • Integration of backup and archiving solutions


Bechtle’s experienced IT business architects are at your side to show you storage solutions that fit your business goals and requirements.

Questions about storage solutions?

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Not all storage is created equal.

What storage solution do you envisage? An all-Flash solution? A hybrid storage solution that combines the capacity of hard drives with the performance of Flash storage (SSDs)? Or storage tiering, that offers the benefits of all storage media?


Principally, the most important aspect is how data efficient it is. That is: Which storage media is right for certain types of data? Even all-Flash systems differ greatly in performance, but above all in compression and deduplication. And this applies here too: Not all flash is created equal.


Moreover, there is also the question of whether scale-out architecture is desired or whether a software-defined storage solution such as vSAN is more suitable. The advantages of both solutions: In contrast to the traditional homogenous storage environments, these storage concepts offer maximum scalability and flexibility.

Which storage is needed? Storage Basics Check.

We analyse the data and storage requirements of your data centre with our storage basic check, giving you instant feedback as to how much storage you need and which storage type is the right one. Based on this data, the Bechtle IT business architects plan and put together an efficient storage architecture for you.

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Get more out of your data centre.


High performance and reliability are the most important requirements of a modern server architecture. Are you equipped for the technological developments of the future?


Small space. Big power. By leveraging cutting-edge hardware technology, hyper-converged solutions are ideally prepared for dynamic business environments.


Future solutions from Bechtle: Network, server and storage virtualisation are all hallmark components of the data centre of the future.


Service interruptions cost companies time and money. Protect your business against failures with highly-available systems and gain an important competitive edge.


Complete consulting for the data centre: Is your data centre up to date? Are you planning to step into the cloud? We will be happy to support you with any questions you may have about your data centre.


Are you still using legacy hardware? Is your data centre already completely digital or are you using a hybrid cloud? We’ll highlight all relevant security factors for you.

Want to know more about our Data Centre high availability? We’ll be happy to talk you through the options and opportunities in your first consultation.

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Success stories.

The resource-saving storage solution: The Franconian manufacturer makes prefab timber houses and now relies on resource-saving storage solutions from Fujitsu and NetApp, increasing their reliability and disaster tolerance.

Marienhospital Stuttgart.

The big data solution. Implementation of a new storage solution helps process fast-growing data volumes and enables more efficient patient care.