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Modern Workplace Business Game.

Successful user adoption - pragmatic and experience-oriented.

Modern Workplace Business Game

The challenge in the digital workplace.

A major challenge for companies is constant change or "continuous change management". This includes the nature of collaboration and communication in everyday work. With the introduction of the Modern Workplace, new collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams are taking the working world by storm.

Employees not only need to be empowered to use such tools. They also need to know what features the new tools offer and how to use them effectively in their day-to-day work.

How do I get employees on board so that they also realize the full potential of the Digital Workplace?

With our Modern Workplace simulation game, your employees learn in a playful way how to use Modern Workplace tools individually in their organizational work situations. Your employees will learn how to solve their digital challenges with the help of the Modern Workplace.

For productive and effective work - now and in the future.

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Components of the Modern Workplace simulation.

Work story.

Specific challenges in the environment of the Modern Workplace that employees have to overcome in their daily work. The challenge is always accompanied by an efficient solution in the form of a brief description.




Colleagues who represent the needs of entire user groups. These add a human touch to the simulation and create identification with the respective digital challenge.



Locations where the Work Story challenge can be solved. These locations create an understanding of how flexible the Digital Workplace can be and the new opportunities that arise.


All applications of the Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365. The Digital Challenges are solved with the applications. In the process, an understanding of how the applications can be used in the daily work routine is created in a playful manner.

Sequence of the game.


Choose a Work Story.

On the Work Story card you will find a Digital Challenge that the colleague has in their daily work routine.


Solve the Work Story with the help of the playing cards.

One colleague and one location are always selected. In the applications, multiple cards can also contribute to the solution of the task


Look at the solution of the Work Story.

After a solution is found, turn the Work Story card over. On the back, you will find a brief description of the solution, as well as a symbol and a number.


Check your solution.

Turn the selected playing cards over as well and see if your solution is correct. Using the symbol and number on the Work Story card, you can check if your solution is correct.

Advantages for your business.

Higher employee motivation through the gamification approach.

Increased Work efficiency through better collaboration.

Utilize the full potential of all Modern Workplace tools.

Active support of cultural change in the company.

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