Consistently visionary.

For 30 years, Bechtle has been consistently setting new goals for itself. On top of this, we have formulated a forward-facing vision every ten years, starting in 1988.

These visions, which invariably focus on the coming 12 years, have always been challenging, but we have met each one with astounding accuracy. You could say that visions have become somewhat of a tradition at Bechtle. But most important of all, consistently updating our visions is an expression of our sustainable corporate governance.


We always pair our growth targets with healthy profitability; acquisitions are as important as dynamic, organic revenue growth. We integrate new employees for the long term using established measures ensuring a high degree of continuity. And our intake has been remarkable, with staff numbers more than doubling between 2010 and 2020, according to plan. As a rule, visions always come with operational challenges—but we’re as prepared as ever, thanks to

the practice we’ve had over the years.



Our Visions at a glance.

Vision 2000
  • 100 million Deutsche Mark in revenues
  • Initial Public Offering
Vision 2010
  • 2 billion euros in revenues
  • 5,000 employees
  • 5% EBT margin
  • Rank as Germany’s top IT system house
  • Become Europe’s leading commercial IT reseller

Vision 2020

  • 5 billion euros in revenues
  • 10,000 employees
  • 5% EBT margin
  • Rank as Europe’s top IT e-commerce provider
  • Become the leading IT partner for private and public-sector customers

Vision 2030

Bechtle: Integrate IT. Architect the future.

  • We empower business.
  • IT is our passion.
  • Growth and foresight underpin our success.
  • We aspire to lead the market.
  • 10 billion euros in revenues
  • 5% EBT margin

Visions have multiple stakeholders, including customers, vendor partners and shareholders. In essence, however, it is a company’s employees who transform this envisaged future into reality. Ideally, they identify with the vision’s aims and are involved in creating it.


It’s our formula for success. Company visions don’t generally define a target margin. But since when has Bechtle followed the crowd? Moreover, Bechtle has always set quantitative goals. A 5% EBT margin provides security, as it allows us to freely shape and invest in our future.