Revenues × 5 ÷ 100 = entrepreneurial freedom.

It’s our formula for success. Company visions don’t generally define a target margin. But since when has Bechtle followed the crowd? Moreover, Bechtle has always set quantitative goals. A 5% EBT margin provides security, as it allows us to freely shape and invest in our future. With no-one to answer to.

We alone are the force driving our business forward. And we believe this is an immense asset. Other companies may generate a higher return on investment or prioritise growth over profit. These are their strategies, their business models. But we’ve decided to go our own way. Our margin serves as a safety rail that lets all our stakeholders know where we’re headed. And that means safety and security in the long term.


Freedom to drive progress.

Bechtle is imbued with an entrepreneurial mindset that is embodied by our employees. They are given the freedom to work independently, laying the groundwork for significant progress. This means mastering challenging tasks autonomously, thinking long-term and taking action to produce successful outcomes. That’s quite a tall order. But our employees also receive the necessary support to do so. We consistently help them to grow their skills and take on responsibility. And we demonstrate that we have confidence in them—a vital ingredient.


Experiences and expertise are shared. Mentors and coaches work one-on-one with junior employees and fresh hires. Bechtle is an example of strong, close-knit teams able to work together, even across multiple sites, on specific topics, products or projects. If it’s freedom you’re looking for, Bechtle offers it. Freedom to act and to achieve. Freedom that’s fuelled by one’s own ideas—and Bechtle’s corporate vision.



Visions have multiple stakeholders, including customers, vendor partners and shareholders. In essence, however, it is a company’s employees who transform this envisaged future into reality. Ideally, they identify with the vision’s aims and are involved in creating it.


Bechtle has been consistently setting new goals for itself. We have formulated a forward-facing vision every ten years, starting in 1988. These visions have always been challenging, but we have met each one with astounding accuracy.