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Dr. Thomas Olemotz, Michael Guschlbauer and Jürgen Schäfer have decisively shaped the Vision 2030. In an interview, the Bechtle Executive Board members explain the future draft in detail. One thing is particularly important to them - the vision should be firmly anchored in the company. This is the only way it can work. This is the only way it can be a driving force and offer orientation.

“We make our visions reality.”

Dr Thomas Olemotz on the meaning of the new Vision, what it consists of and the future of the company. The CEO is convinced that the new blueprint for the future will bring orientation and drive in our high-paced era.



„Making all the difference.“

Michael Guschlbauer on the meaning of customer focus in the digital age and the new customer journey. The COO sees customers’ willingness to engage as a great opportunity to position IT as a driver of innovation.


“Vision 2000 was one of the biggest draws when I started at Bechtle.”

Jürgen Schäfer on team spirit, thinking beyond borders and a commitment to commerce. The COO has seen three Visions turned into reality, and is now set to embark on the journey laid out by Vision number four.



Success Stories.

Customer orientation is the focus of Vision 2030. We work for the success of our customers. Here you will find selected customer stories.



Bechtle's employees are the most important player in our Vision. The company is a place where great people accomplish great things. These are some of their stories.



How does a vision actually emerge? Who are the stakeholders? How do the processes work? A look behind the scenes of Vision 2030.