“I wanted to do something that would last. Something that could be reused”, says Stephanie Gerich of her project work. During her nine months as a trainee in Public Sector business at Bechtle, the 23-year old developed an app that can be used to select external service providers for a project and evaluate them. This saves time, helps to better calculate costs and “is much more fun than a boring Excel list,” she says. Before that, she explains with a laugh, she had no idea about programming or IT. She created the app with the help of a tool and “all the technical stuff I quickly learned about at Bechtle.”

Successfully completed the trainee program at Bechtle: Stephanie Gerich shows Oliver von Kleist how her self-developed app is structured.

“I can be quite critical, but I think that’s important,” says Oliver von Kleist. Even though he was only a trainee, the 26-year old didn’t hold back when he thought that processes behind and structure of eight-hour training modules could be optimised. So, his supervisors told him to come up with something. Now that his training is finished, Oliver von Kleist is now actively implementing his recommendations to change the content of the opening, break up the schedule with regular breaks and to include more time to share ideas with each other afterwards. Together with his colleagues, he has developed a whole new Public Sector training module.

Both these examples show just how important everyone is at Bechtle,” says Steven Handgrätinger, head of the Public Sector Division. “Project work can have practical benefits, and isn’t just thrown into a drawer and forgotten about. We are happy if someone questions something, because only then can we take steps towards optimisation.