In 2009, Miles Wittenbrock joined Bechtle as an intern at Bechtle’s IT system house in Bielefeld. This first look around helped him to recognise his passion for all things technical and he lined up a traineeship as an IT systems integration specialist as soon as possible. Miles soon proved himself to have the right Bechtle spirit. When equipping schools with hardware and software, for example, he didn’t just stop at simply taking the orders, but used his own initiative to provide advice on the devices and introduce teaching solutions. Both successfully. Miles produced happy customers and managers, securing himself a permanent position as a systems engineer in the Microsoft field.

Prove of leadership potential.

His new role brought a great deal of responsibility with it. As a project lead for complex rollouts, he created project plans, coordinated HR capacities, oversaw budgets, and was a central contact for both customers and project members. This role required a structured approach as well as clear, transparent, and integrative communication in which Miles was able to both learn and prove himself. Miles performed this role with aplomb, landing him a newly created expert position in the Modern Workplace department. A great development! As Microsoft Consulting Team Lead, he was able to acquire specialist expertise while also trying his hand at leading a team—without having to assume disciplinary responsibility.

An important question for him was how he could quickly put together and develop a team that really worked together. “I was able to turn to my manager at any time when I wanted to discuss my ideas and thoughts with someone,” says Miles. He was also given a great deal of free reign, putting together his team of experts from scratch. “My manager trusted me and gave me carte blanche.”

Miles proved that he was a team player with leadership qualities, giving him the opportunity after three years to become Team Lead of Modern Workplace and also assume the disciplinary responsibility. “Miles proved time and again that he was made of the stuff of leaders. He is someone who talks to people openly, encourages enthusiasm and takes them on the common journey, too.”, says his manager, Jan Ostrowski. 

Develop and strengthen leadership skills.

In the Bechtle Junior Management Programme (JuMP), Miles was able to build on his leadership competencies and prepare himself for the new role. His guiding principle that he came back to every day was “Leading on equal terms is what’s needed to achieve great things. Recognising and correctly applying all types of skills will make my team unbeatable.”

This unstoppable team now consists of seven members. Together they are now developing the digital workplaces of the future. A job which depends on team spirit and company-wide networking. “If you’re struggling on your own, as a team, or as a department, the expertise of Bechtle’s experts all across Europe is there for you. We call it “One Bechtle thinking”, says Miles.

How you can have a career like this at Bechtle? “In a company that’s steadily growing, there are always opportunities. You just have to seize them and give your all,” Miles enthuses.

Be your best with Bechtle.