More than 12,800 people from 100 nations work for the Bechtle Group in 14 European countries. We are many and varied—a fact that is reflected in the diverse number of career opportunities. In this series of blogs, we are going to give you a peek behind the scenes of some positions. And there’s no-one better for the job than our colleagues themselves.

Megan’s decision to do vocational training in wholesale and foreign trade management over five years ago was well considered. She knew, even then, that Bechtle is a future-oriented company in an exciting sector, that it offers excellent training and that her strengths lay in the commercial sector. Back in school her best subject was Business. And after her first interview at Bechtle, she was sure that this was the right training and the right company. “The interview was a dream. I felt totally on the same wavelength as the interviewers and could identify with them.”

What’s special about training at Bechtle.

Starting a career is always something special: You network with new colleagues, get to know the corporate culture, begin to understand the corporate structure and work your way into a completely new subject area. “I was supported greatly by my superiors and colleagues from day one. The atmosphere and camaraderie in the different departments felt just right and helped me find my way at Bechtle.”

During her training, Megan got to know several different sectors: Purchasing, sales and product management. Switching between them helped her to understand the processes and procedures and build her own network. Even today, she has stayed in contact with many different sectors.

The end of vocational training and opportunities for development.

During her two years’ training, Megan found out which areas she likes particularly and where she could see herself working. She saw herself having a future at Cisco product management, where she did well in training. This is what helped her get her foot in the door of her favourite team: “Even during my training, I felt like a proper member of the team. I received personal and professional support, even today.”

After finishing her vocational training, she went one step further by adding on an additional qualification—a business administration certificate, which she completed in August 2021. Bechtle supported her during these times that were filled with seminars and exams. “Thanks to flexi time, I was able to continue working full-time, and move some of my appointments to the evening and have colleagues take on some of my tasks. I am very grateful” says Megan.

After her bachelor’s degree, her scope of duties also changed from her previous position to a strategic focus. Megan is now responsible for further development in the Cisco environment and in intensive exchange with other system vendors.

What makes Bechtle such a unique employer? Its diversity and collaboration with many different topics and interfaces. Megan says: “For me, Product Management is a good all-rounder department to start out in – due to our close contact with the manufacturers it’s reminiscent of purchasing. I really get to live out my passion for open exchange and my creativity. There’s a lot of teamwork and always something to learn. Now in Business Development, I am responsible for marketing the manufacturers on several channels, advising the various Bechtle locations and designing sales webinars on new service products.”

She is currently working on a project that involves strategically driving Cisco’s service and combining new services in collaboration with Bechtle locations throughout Germany.

The ability to think outside the box is something she really appreciates about Bechtle. Besides her main tasks, there are several other topics that don’t fall under her usual remit, but which she also enjoys greatly. For example her role as training officer supervising apprentices and dual students in her department. She is also present at the selection interviews of potential trainees—only this time on the other side.