Binjam knew Bechtle before he started working for us. In his last job at a managed service provider for hosting and network solutions, he often worked with Bechtle employees in shared projects, which arose whenever customer requirements went beyond the company’s own portfolio. “No matter what was on the agenda, Bechtle could do it. The enormous spectrum of IT solutions and services made an impression on me” says Binjam. Once he found out that Bechtle was expanding its cloud portfolio and putting together a new team, he wasn’t shy to take the chance to join the company as Cloud Sales Manager.

“No matter what was on the agenda, Bechtle could do it.“

The beginning was hard but just the right thing for Binjam. “I was allowed to shape the role, since the structures weren’t too heavily defined. This meant that there was a lot of responsibility and the freedom to capitalise on your own ideas and start out straight away” he says. Flexibility and teamplay were heavily required. And today it’s no different. In the meantime, Binjam has completed internal training to become an IT Business Architect. In this role he supports and consults Bechtle’s locations in Germany and abroad in all things sustainable cloud business growth. “In transformation processes, you can’t go ahead mindlessly following routines, but have to try new things out” explains Binjam. “Some paths are made by walking.”

Binjam and IT, we're like two peas in a pod. His first job after finishing uni was at Google. He was very impressed with the company’s headquarters in Dublin, as well as with global players such as Oracle or Microsoft. At home he saw how IT could make everyday life easier. “Whether it’s while driving, cooking, choosing films or series... there are a lot of possibilities to use IT to simplify processes—it's cool and makes sense. That’s something I like thinking about. And something I can transfer to business” says Binjam.

Writing the success story together.

In the meantime the number of employees in the Bechtle Clouds Expert Sales Team has quadrupled from four to 15. The atmosphere is positive—the pandemic helped make this a success story. There’s one thing that is missing and that’s direct customer contact. Working remotely is something he—despite all his love for digitalisation—doesn’t like: “At the end of the day, projects are made up of people. The decisive spark is often emanated by having a cup of coffee with someone. After all: It’s a people’s business”, says Binjam. Whether it’s online or offline, the show must go on. “I’m happy to play my part in the Bechtle success story.”