A sustainable product isn’t always a sustainable product. True sustainability covers a product’s entire lifecycle—from the raw materials, production and supply chain to marketing and recycling. Crafting Future has a map to the circular economy and helps other businesses make it there, too. The start-up has been climate neutral since 2020 and has made avoiding and reducing waste its corporate goal. Its home brand, Avoid Waste, epitomises how this can be achieved with coffee mugs manufactured from rice husks, lunch boxes from straw and bioplastics, soap dishes from sugar cane and much more available in the company’s online shop.

“The relentless use of single use plastics and multi-layer packaging has to stop because they are having an enormous impact on our planet. That’s why we use recycled materials and recyclable petroleum-free bioplastics. These are not just sustainable, but also give us a very clear competitive advantage as we are saving resources,” says Jan Patzer.

Crafting Future works with its customers for around eight weeks—from the seed of an idea to market launch—with the SOLIDWORKS software in combination with the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform playing a crucial role in maximising the short space of time. “In 3DEXPERIENCE, we have a platform we can use to professionally and quickly design products that align with the concept of a circular economy. From initial sketches and CAD renders to the first 3D-printed prototypes to mass production,” says Jan Patzer.


The founders of the start-up, Crafting Future, Jan Patzer and Can Lewandowski. When they met studying economics in Hanover, they found they had a common goal.






Hartmut Seltman is a product designer at Crafting Future and cannot speak highly enough of the PLM solution, particularly its simplicity. “The software lets you create a 3D model step-by-step either from scratch or from a 2D design. The software automatically detects errors in the objects that we can then review and correct. There are no compatibility issues with the software our customers use, and last but not least, the active user community is a great place to share ideas and find help.”

Crafting Future’s vision is very quickly gaining support and the company now has a team of 14, working in the suitably inspiring and innovative environment of the Hanover Hafven co-working space. “We are all united in our passion to create a sustainable world. We have the courage to rethink the economy and break new ground in the hope that we can encourage other businesses to join us in our mission,” says Can Lewandowski.

“Rebowl” was designed with SOLIDWORKS for the takeaway food industry.

Crafting Future's private label "Avoid Waste" products.

About DPS Software.

With over 190 employees across 14 locations, DPS Software supports over 7,000 customers along the entire supply chain. DPS’ software, consulting and service portfolio is based on the products of leading software makers, such as SOLIDWORKS by Dassault Systèmes, CAM products from SolidCAM and SWOOD from EfiCAD. With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform from SOLIDWORKS, DPS offers a cloud solution that delivers exceptional flexibility for future developments. DPS also creates its own modules and applications with outstanding expertise in ERP integrations rounding things off.

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