Working from home has become the new normal for many people and it’s important that the infrastructure can live up to what is expected of it. The majority of households these days have good internet connections, so at least that doesn’t pose a problem, but how can you be sure the connection to the enterprise network is secure?



Aruba keeps you mobile with a range of solutions:


Remote access points.

With the Aruba Remote Access Point solutions, your enterprise network is accessible no matter where in the world you are—at home, in a hotel or a meeting room. Employees have access to all services and tools approved for their use, based on defined guidelines and can even connect up printers and telephones. You don't even have to worry about a VPN connection from the client—the Access Point takes care of it all. They can also be quickly integrated into existing controller-based solutions. No DSL internet connection? No problem. Plug a USB-LTE stick into the Access Point and you have a backup connection. Alongside special Remote Access Points (RAP) with 2 or 3 dedicated LAN ports for additional end devices (optionally with PoE), all other Aruba Access Points can be configured as RAP meaning you can use the devices you already have if needs be.


Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) Client.

A VIA client is an easy-to-implement software VPN client that enables a secure network connection to be built between your end devices and enterprise resources. By using the same authentication methods as in your corporate network, dynamic applications, access guidelines and role-based access to data can be implemented, and it doesn’t matter if you communicate wirelessly or through a wired connection. It’s only important that VPNs are supported and not blocked in the infrastructure.


Cloud-based networking and centralised management.

The benefits of cloud-based networking are clear. By leveraging centralised management, wired networks, WLAN and SD-WAN environments can easily be operated and flexibly adapted to your changing needs, and potential network and device issues can be quickly identified and resolved—all from a user interface in the cloud.



Need to quickly set up WLAN technology so that more employees can work remotely? Implement an Aruba cloud-based network solution as a DIY solution or use Aruba as a Service. Bechtle’s Managed Service offer. 


Thanks to Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), however you want to implement your solution, there’s no need for an on-site network admin to get the environment up and running as the process is automated as far as possible. Only the hardware installation of the WLAN Access Point needs to be done by one of your employees or a contracted electrician. After being checked in the management tool, the Access Point is assigned with the approved firmware and configured accordingly. System management is completely remotely via the Aruba Central Cloud Portal.


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Bechtle strengthens its collaboration with HPE on international business.

Bechtle is strengthening collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) through additional support for its international business in recognition of Bechtle’s performance across multiple countries. As an “HPE Partner Ready Platinum Partner” with proven expertise in international deployments of HPE technologies, Bechtle was one of the first companies worldwide to get access to additional support from HPE in conducting business internationally, and on a global scale.


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