The Bechtle Agile Desktop gives employees the possibility to access their workstations quickly and at any scale from anywhere in the world as if they were sitting in their office with a modern, standardised desktop and Office 365, which is protected by a ring of the highest-levels of security no matter where you are.


This is based on the powerful technology of Microsoft Virtual Desktops, which is available from both international and German data centers. The Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) concept is integrated for maximum security. According to a current Gartner study, this concept has been leading the market for endpoint security solutions by far since the end of 2019.

High scalability and low costs.

After the one-off deployment, the Agile Desktop goes into sleep mode and can be reactivated and scaled with a click of a button. You decide if this should be a manual or automatic process. The Agile Desktop brings together all the benefits of modern cloud technology, automation and security.


Monthly costs remain low thanks to how virtual infrastructure behaves in a use-oriented model. The comprehensive, cutting-edge security layer acts as a protective shield for your desktop. 


Looking for more? Each desktop is available as Bronze, Silver and Gold versions backed up by managed services that cover everything from desktop operating system maintenance to a helpdesk for the installed Office 365 apps. You don’t need to worry about a thing!  

Interesting? Please contact your Bechtle account manager or write to us directly - we will discuss with you how the Agile Desktop can support you in the current situation.