IT Solutions - Apr 3, 2020

With Trend Micro securely in the "Home office".

Working from home is currently a hot topic for SMEs and security is paramount. To ensure your important data and employees are protected at home, Bechtle is offering the Worry-Free Services solution from their partner, Trend Micro.

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Trend Micro Worry-Free Services.

Worry-Free Services is an all-in-one cloud security solution that simplifies the protection of computers and mobile end devices. Worry-Free Services is characterised by the following: 

  • Users and devices can be added with just a few clicks enabling fast setup.
  • The all-in-one solution offers stress-free security for endpoints in one package—on Windows (desktops and servers), Mac iOS and Android devices.
  • Your employees are protected everywhere, every time, on all devices.
  • Automatic updates, maintenance-free and 24x7 support round off the offer.


Trend Micro Worry-Free Services Advanced.

In addition to Worry-Free Services, companies can choose the Worry-Free™ Services Advanced version. This solution has been specially developed for small businesses and offers protection for both devices and e-mails. It’s hosted and managed by Trend Micro so that businesses save time and resources. The solution combines the features of Worry-Free Services with hosted e-mail security to protect locally saved e-mails. In addition, Trend Micro Cloud App Security to secure Microsoft Office 365, e-mail, OneDrive, SharePoint plus collaboration tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Box are included in the package. Overview of the Advanced version’s additional features:

  • Detect and block a growing range of threats including fileless and ransomware.
  • The possibility to stop e-mail threats in the cloud before they reach the network.
  • Protection against spear phishing, credential phishing, business e-mail compromise (BEC) and targeted attacks.


Trend Micro Worry-Free XDR.

Worry-Free XDR combines Worry-Free Services Advanced and Trend Micro™ Endpoint Sensor. This enables automated detection and response beyond e-mails and endpoints. Moreover, the solution offers the following:

  • Automatic data correlation of sensors that collect detection and activity data via endpoints and e-mails.
  • Automated sweep and root cause analysis, including step-by-step recommendations for action, enabling IT administrators to quickly resolve issues.
  • A single console with native integration with the endpoint and e-mails.
  • Advanced threat detection through cloud sandboxing.


Tips for working securely from home.

  • All devices through which users access business resources need to be kept up-to-date with regular updates and patches. What’s more, the devices should be protected against cyber-attacks with a suitable endpoint security solution.
  • Users should only access company data (including e-mails) via a secure, virtual private network (VPN). Access can be additionally secured using two-factor authentication.
  • The router plays a crucial role in the home network as the entire network traffic flows through it. Users therefore have to make sure that their router has the latest firmware installed and comes with its own security features. This also applies to other devices with a network connection such as MFPs, NAS systems and smart speakers. Trend Micro warned of possible attack scenarios via networked loudspeakers in 2017.
  • Alongside technical measures, employee training needs to have the highest priority as cyber criminals have already discovered this loophole and there has been an increase in phishing attacks and the spread of malware. Awareness seminars can warn employees of these tactics.


Trend Micro and Bechtle.

Trend Micro has over 30 years’ experience in the field of IT security, blocking 250,000 threats every day and protecting more than 500,000 companies. According to the analysts, Canalys, Trend Micro has been a global leader in small business content security for six consecutive years. Combined with Bechtle’s expertise in the direct sale of IT products and comprehensive systems integrator services, both partners ensure that your data remains safe. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the range of solutions.

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This post was published on Apr 3, 2020.