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Flexible, secure working, the way you like it—whether from the cloud, hybrid or on-prem.

Hybrid working at the digital workplace instead of 9 to 5 at the office.

For the past decades, it was a given to drive to the office every day and have all your colleagues working on premise at the same time, but this changed drastically throughout the course of the last year, when companies were forced to send their employees home. To keep businesses afloat, ways had to be found to collaborate virtually, even in places where it previously wasn’t possible. Topics such as the compatibility of different technologies or the needs of employees often fell by the wayside. More and more people are returning to the office, but for many, working from at home has proven to be a good alternative that they would like to sustain for the future. The new normal of working will most likely be a hybrid of the two.

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Hybrid working means that teams can be mixed of those working from home and those at the office. Meetings should be organised flexibly from at home and the office desk, without having to struggle to communicate. Flexibility in terms of working hours also plays a role. What used to be non-negotiable is now becoming a reality. The basis of this way of working is Digital Work—a paper-free office, where all processes can be carried out digitally.

Companies now have the chance to rethink decisions made in the past year. As long as there is no centralised, all-encompassing solution available for a modern workplace at the company, now is the time to address this topic. It’s decisive to find out how you can enable your employees to work securely from wherever they happen to be, and how your IT can manage these complex digital working environments securely with as little effort possible. Besides company structures and internal communication, the technology used is an essential point in enabling hybrid working. Citrix will support you in providing your employees with a flexible and secure hybrid working model. Its overarching workplace concept addresses the needs of your users and IT towards simplification, security and long-term, future-proof solutions.

Secure, location-independent data access.

Your employees want a secure and holistic work experience, no matter where they are working from. Ideally, they won’t notice a difference and will have access to all data and programs independent of their location. This entails the same UI, view and functions. The Citrix workspace provides users with all they need to see on one central interface, while providing secure access to your own or external applications such as SaaS or web applications and all-round protection of your data. Thanks to additional Citrix technologies, you can guarantee a long lasting and stable user experience. Access your applications and desktops both internally and externally, while recognising and deflecting security risks.

A need for simplification.

New programs, applications and technical devices with increasing potential are making the world of work increasingly complicated. This also entails additional effort for IT. Users and IT are both expressing their wish for simplification. A centralised management can provide more efficiency, security and agility. It’s easier to react quicker to new business requirements when desktops and applications are organised centrally. For example, software updates can be rolled out across entire enterprises or additional locations can be connected faster.

This wish for simpler processes also remains for employees. Applications can no longer be too difficult or heavy but should instead be intuitive and easy to use. Citrix technologies will support you in reducing your workflows by providing employees with just the applications they need to work as efficiently as possible. Individualised SaaS and web applications, virtual applications and desktops as well as more content and data are available via a central interface. Access is possible via almost any device and with only one click thanks the single sign-on and insecure password lists which have to be searched rigorously for the right login data are a thing of the past. 

Future-proof solution.

Citrix technologies offer the huge advantage that they can be integrated into almost any environment, at any company, regardless of the location. It’s your choice where you want to run your applications and desktops—on-prem, hybrid or in the cloud. Even if you are planning to migrate from a data centre into the cloud, Citrix will be with you every step of the way, at your speed. It’s your choice where your data will be stored in the future. If you opt for Citrix Cloud Services, you will benefit from additional standardisation and automation advantages such as hardware savings, reduced administration and high reliability. Automated updates and flexible scalability will keep you up-to-date, always.

The advantages of hybrid working.

A majority of employees who worked from at home over the past months are expecting to do so in future too. They have come to appreciate the flexibility of coordinating their own working hours and location. Studies have shown that employees who can switch flexibly between the office and home are more content and motivated. And that this in turn has a big influence on a company’s success. An increase in productivity of 21%, up to 65% less employee turnover and 22% profitable efficiency are possible. Many employees estimate their own productivity to be higher at home than in the office. If the circumstances allow it, 76% would avoid commuting to work in favour of getting important tasks done, before or after work. The reasons for this surely depend on the individual, but the advantages for companies and employees are obvious. Despite this, some companies in Germany are still holding on to their rigid, traditional systems with strict working hours at one location. For a lot of young people, this model simply doesn’t work anymore. Topics such as sustainability, flexibility and individual development have become some of the core questions during job interviews. It’s companies with modern and flexible working models, which are removing commutes and business travel, that will be able to impress and attract young talent.

The right technologies.

Hybrid working offers companies a lot of room to optimise their public image, and image inside the departments. But it all depends on how they do this. Only if they choose the right technologies can they make use of the advantages without slowing down processes. Citrix offers a secure workspace that can be accessed by almost any end device. Besides the benefits of hybrid working, this also enables you to save money by simplifying IT processes and increasing your business value.

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This post was published on Aug 18, 2021.