All this means that pressure is growing on IT departments and security officers, but businesses are struggling to recruit qualified staff. The glut of IT security tools and providers is making the search for the perfect technical solution to best protect companies and organisations against cyberattacks quite challenging. It’s not only defence that needs to be thought about, however. Suitable responses and processes have to be planned in order to mitigate the damage if the worst comes to the worst. How can organisations tackle this challenge?

MDR IT security solution – Around the clock.

Relief comes in the form of holistic Managed Detection and Response from an external provider, which allows companies to fall back on the expertise of experienced specialists with the latest professional tools to hand around the clock. Sophos offers an end-to-emf MDR solution that actively combats threats and is available as a fully managed service, Best of all, the technology and experts are on hand around the clock.

As technology alone often isn’t enough to respond to cyberattacks or even proactively prevent them, Sophos has combined machine learning technology with a team of highly-qualified experts that tracks suspicious behaviour 24×7 and informs the company. In a worst case scenario, the specialists can immediately implement countermeasures and render even highly-complex threats harmless.

No resting on laurels.

Responding to cyber threats and recovering affected data and systems is only one part of the story. Businesses and institutions must continue to monitor their networks in order to detect and remedy further anomalies and the Sophos MDR team can also help unearth remaining threats. Moreover, the experts analyse cyberattacks after they’ve taken place and deploy solutions to prevent anything similar happening again in the future.

Best-possible 24×7 protection.

The most important aspect in all this is that customers retain control of what is happening They decide how and when to escalate potential threats, which measures should be implemented and who should be informed and when. To help, the Sophos MDR solution is available as Standard and Advanced service models with three response options (notification, collaboration, authorisation). For companies, that means that they receive a holistic Managed Detection & Response solution and best-possible protection against cyberattacks. This frees up in-house resources and allows employees to focus on driving forward strategic projects, safe in the knowledge they are well-protected at all times.