The machine learns so that we can learn better: Bechtle AI funding project delivers customized educational content.

Always up-to-date.

Named E365 Maverick, the project is designing an algorithm to generate personalised learning pathways. To do so, learning content and offers from a range of free and fee-based online sources are consolidated based on the users’ level of knowledge, offer quality and content level. When everything is combined, the result is a personalised learning pathway that continuously adapts as the AI application notes the users’ answers and experiences in a feedback loop and the algorithm updates itself—and the content—in real-time.

Man and metadata.

There is, however, one stumbling block in the process and that’s that there isn’t a recognised metadata model that measures knowledge. Together with the Business Informatics Department at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, a team from the A/V Software Solutions Bechtle Competence Centre is currently working on solution. Even AI needs a little help from mere mortals some of the time.


The Maverick open source platform developed by A/V Software Solutions is a powerful tool being used at a number of authorities including the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development under the name A365 Maverick. Enhanced with AI modules and specifically tailored for the education sector, the E365 Maverick platform is part of the national education platform.


A/V Software Solutions 360° is a Competence Centre covering artificial intelligence and individual software development located at Bechtle Bonn, where 120 experienced employees support the public sector and industry on their digitalisation journeys.


Christian Maierhofer, Head of Competence Center A/V Software Solutions 360°, Bechtle IT System House Bonn/Cologne

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