Vocational training is how companies secure new talent.


“Companies in the state have no inclination to shift away from vocational education to secure junior talent. That’s why young people have every chance to land a vocational training position and can choose from a great variety of professions, whether they’re interested in a career in a commercial field, IT or logistics.”

Dr Patrick Rapp, State Secretary at the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism in Baden-Württemberg

We interact against a background of mutual respect and trust.


“We don’t want our emerging talent to feel “junior”. After all, we share the same space and that takes mutual respect and trust. If a young person wants to take on responsibility early on, they’ll always have an experienced mentor by their side and the right development paths in front of them—a fact that’s become well known even beyond our heartland in the north of Baden-Württemberg.”

Corinna Müller, Managing Director, Bechtle Logistik & Service GmbH


Education is how society connects with its future.


“Vocational education is about the future, and that concerns all of us. The digital transformation has spurred on the need for young talent, and in this context we are in an excellent position and ready to do our part—for our society, our economy, and positive progress in Germany.”

Jochen Rummel, Head of Project & Service Management, Bechtle IT System House Neckarsulm

For me, vocational training at Bechtle is above all a mutual pledge of support and responsibility.


“We trainees are engaged in daily business right from the start and given jobs that allow us to take on real responsibility. I appreciate the trust that Bechtle has in me; it allows me to take on my tasks with confidence and in a structured manner early on. Bechtle really helps us advance both on a professional and personal scale.”

Julia Trage, Vocational Trainee for Wholesale and Foreign Trade, Bechtle Logistik & Service GmbH


Our current demography with its low number of students finishing secondary school is a huge challenge.


“Our current demography is a huge challenge as there continues to be a low number of school leavers juxtaposed with a great and growing need for qualified workers that companies are still keen to meet through in-house training. So there will be no shortage of attractive training positions in our region for years to come.”

Claudia Scheunpflug, Member of the Board and Head of Vocational Education & Training, IHK (Chambers of Industry and Commerce) Heilbronn-Franken

Vocational training is a cornerstone of our sustainable growth.


“In Germany, we are aiming for a training ratio of 10%, and are well on our way. What motivates us is our desire to help young talent start a career in IT. That’s why we offer training in a number of future-focused, modern fields, complemented by the catalogue of our own Bechtle Academy to ensure a great start for our budding professionals.” 

Thomas Erfort, Head of People Development & Academy, Bechtle AG

Vocational training at Bechtle.

You can find the last remaining openings for 2022 as well as our new training positions for 2023 on jobs.bechtle.com

In high demand: Information technology specialist, management assistant in wholesale, and IT system support specialist. The latest addition: Specialist in digitalisation management.

In partnership with cooperative state universities, our students are currently reading for degrees in a total of nine different courses, including business administration, online media, and the recently added cyber security. With data science and software engineering, there are also two new focus areas for the business informatics course.

Find everything you need to know about vocational training and co-operative education at Bechtle on: bechtle.com/career

Bechtle has record-breaking trainee year.

Bechtle begins the 2022 academic year with a new record. With 256 vocational trainees and dual students, more young people than ever are starting off their professional lives at Bechtle.

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