“Living’s not about age”, is the Tertianum Premium Group’s slogan. The group has been a part of the DPF AG since 2014, which is headquartered in Berlin. With its Tertianum Premium Residences, Tertianum Suites, livree, Tertianum Care Mobile Pflege and Brasserie Colette Tim Raue brands, the company develops innovative ideas and offers for independent living, no matter your age. Under this umbrella, there are 340 employees that supply the tenants of these establishments with premium services, all supported by digital equipment. The technology used for first class care is one of the unique selling points for the Tertianum Premium Group—besides top inner city locations, exquisite catering curated by award-winning chef Tim Raue and the most exclusive living atmosphere. Digital care documentation has developed into a standard. It must comply with the legal requirements according to SGB (social security code), function reliably 24/7 and have a high level of IT security and performance. To master the challenges of today with future-ready technologies—this is what DPF AG wanted for all of its brands. The aim was to connect new locations as well as those in Berlin, Munich and Constance to the Tertianum Premium Group’s network while protecting the guests’ sensitive care data. Both for outpatient and inpatient treatment, this needed to be provided alongside good CRM, reliable bookkeeping, proper and collaborative communication as well as digital collaboration. The conclusion—to move into the cloud. Providing remote work possibilities to increase employee happiness was also a major requirement. DPF AG commissioned its long-standing IT partner Bechtle with the implementation and formed a project team with female dual leadership.

DPF AG is a trailblazer for full digital coverage in premium level serviced living. For us, stand-alone solutions are not a viable option for the future. Looking forward, all our solutions should and must be cloud-aware and in line with our digitalisation strategy. Working closely with Bechtle, grew the DPF Group’s digital expertise and made us aware of how we as a market leader can improve the Tertainum Premium Residences for our customers. Our digital care solutions operate in the cloud, are used as SaaS and require less maintenance thanks to Managed Services.

Anna-Lena Olizeg, Operations officer, DPF AG


Bechtle moved the Tertianum Premium Group’s entire IT into the cloud. Its formerly local IT back-end structure was to be mapped in its entirety in the cloud. All applications—from office programs to printing servers—were checked to ensure this would work. The goal and concept of the project were defined in a joint workshop: The Tertianum Premium Group wanted to move away from stand-alone solutions towards an overall one. This meant migrating the local active directory (AD) into the cloud as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). For this purpose Bechtle used Microsoft Azure AD. Data management now takes place via SharePoint in the course of parallel digitalisation. Switching to Microsoft 365 and its Outlook, Office, OneNote, OneDrive and Teams apps went smoothly. Digitalisation therefore affected the employees’ everyday work, even before the complete migration had ended. One challenge was the printing solution, as printing documents also needed to work via the cloud in order to disassemble local print servers. The project team agreed—no doing things by halves. Bechtle found the right solution in PrintX: The pure Cloud solution offers fast prints with easy conversion, administration and a licence model that fitted the Tertianum Premium Group’s needs. Bechtle replaced the client computers used at the branches with 60 Dell OptiPlex 3080s. DPF AG’s headquarters received 30 Microsoft Surface PCs. With the new clients and the Apple iPads that were already provided, the digital care documentation now takes place in the apartments and residencies—for both inpatients and outpatients. In the process, Bechtle created a Wi-Fi coverage heatmap for all locations that were connected to the fibre-optic network for just this purpose. For the new Wi-Fi infrastructure, Bechtle used Cisco Meraki switches and access points with the corresponding Cisco Meraki management solution. The central management of all of this hardware (clients and Wi-Fi) is handled by Bechtle.

Business benefits.

The Tertianum Premium Group is a pioneer in care with full digital coverage. With its new, digital care solution that is fully located in the cloud, the company is setting new standards in this sector. It is now easy to manage and scalable for new locations. The IT, which is managed by Bechtle, supports the digital transformation and is reliable, secure and affordable. The Microsoft security concepts provide security for sensitive care data and offer an excellent starting point for further digital services and products in the care sector for Tertianum.