The Europaschule Ostendorf-Gymnasium (EOG) in Lippstadt North Rhine-Westphalia is an extremely modern school with a long tradition. Today, the school offers bilingual classes with a Europe-centric focus and extensive offerings for STEM subjects with the rich mix of pupils provided with an equally diverse mix of learning materials and methods to prepare them for their future success. To expand its digital education offering, the EOG trialled using iPads as a means to accessing more knowledge rather than just another piece of tech. During the trial phase, the school provided conceptual input and evaluative feedback ensuring parents, pupils and colleagues were involved every step of the way. With everyone aware of the challenges and opportunities posed by iPads in the classroom, the parents voted on their introduction from Year 7.

The devices were to be financed by the parents after the school purchased some of the devices itself through the DigitalPakt financing initiative. The decision was made to leverage Apple devices due to its simple user interface, self-explanatory apps, secure iOS system the range of already installed tools and the minimal risk of external attacks. Furthermore, the staff and administrators can manage the devices with ease thanks to the JAMF School Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution already used by the City of Lippstadt school authority. With this solution, schools can limit or expand functionalities such as setting up groups and assigning different rights to pupils and teachers. During the pilot phase, the Europaschule Ostendorf-Gymnasium made use of the Apple-developed Classroom app giving teachers control over the iPads, too. The iPad’s benefits were made clear during the trial phase and teachers, parents and pupils alike were quickly convinced that the Apple tablets were the perfect way of opening the door to new learning possibilities. However there was one obstacle still to overcome—procurement costs. The school and the education authority were therefore looking for a way to finance the investment and this relieve the financial pressure on the parents.

Since the 2021/22 academic year, the iPad has been mandatory for all pupils from Year 7 upwards. For the very start, the focus was not only equipping pupils, but ensuring they had they support they needed. Bechtle is our education authority’s cooperation partner, which significantly simplified the ordering and introduction processes as they also supported us in communicating with the parents. We’re delighted that our authority collaborates with Bechtle as it allows us to get everything we need from a single source.

Gaby Lütkehellweg, Head Teacher, Europaschule Ostendorf-Gymnasium Lippstadt


To answer the question of financing, the City of Lippstadt approached Bechtle as the IT company had been providing end devices under a support contract since 2005 and was therefore very aware of the area’s schools, their structure and possibilities. With its own Ideaalnet-based online shop, Bechtle created a dedicated store for the Europaschule Ostendorf-Gymnasium in just a matter of days, offering parents the choice of paying for the iPads in instalments or as a one-off payment. To meet the EOG’s requirements, only 64 and 256 GB Wi-Fi models were available along with an ARTICONA iPad Rugged Case. Also included are a 48-month Bechtle guarantee and the installation of apps defined by the school through the JAMF School MDM system, plus the registration of each individual device in the MDM system. Each pupil and parent receives their own log-in credentials and therefore personal access to Bechtle’s EOG shop allowing the order the device and accessories they need in just a few clicks. The school has now opened the shop for orders five times since May 2021. Opening the shop for specific periods allows Bechtle to bundle orders and deliver them all together. Over a period of time, the iPad was rolled out at the EOG for Year 7 and is now used in all classes ensuring that everyone benefits.

Business Benefits.

The iPad has proven to be a real asset for all Europaschule Ostendorf-Gymnasium  pupils in Year 7 and up. Parents can order directly from the Bechtle shop and give their children the best possible opportunity to learn. Thanks to the various payment options, many pupils now have their own devices and can use them both in the classroom and at home meaning they quickly become very familiar with the iPad and integrate it with ease into their lessons. The pupils handle the tablets with care and view digital learning as a fun rather than a necessity.