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Kommunikation Lohnzich is an owner-managed design and advertising agency based in Essen, in the Ruhr metropolitan region at the western edge of Germany. The creative team’s strategy and operations are mainly focused on B2B clients on their digital transformation journey. The agency’s creative concepts and solutions provide orientation for a wide range of industries with appealing communications that tune in with the specific target groups of SMEs and large organisations alike and are designed to drive the message home. In other words, Lohnzich listens to their customers and solves their challenges to really connect people with their brands.

To do this, the agency leverages Apple devices, which in itself is a step in their own digital transformation. Lohnzich keeps an eye on the people but carries digitalisation in their heart. Employees working remotely is a given—and not only due to Corona. You can take a MacBook everywhere—so why not work from wherever you want? Thanks to their Apple Macs, Lohnzich works more efficiently, securely and with less hassle. It also gives them an edge as they compete for the best talent. Because, besides being a technical powerhouse, a MacBook simply looks good.

The digital transformation is exciting for us. Our MacBook Pros allow us to work more agile and flexibly than we used to. They just work. And thanks to Bechtle, we no longer have to worry about a thing. The all-bases-covered package means we can unpack and get started straight away. After a price comparison, we knew right away that Bechtle Leasing was just the right thing for us, and swapped in our old devices. Bechtle also secures our hardware. Getting everything from one source saves us a lot of time and helps us avoid a lot of stress.

Benedikt Timmermann, CEO, Kommunikation Lohnzich GmbH & Co. KG


When the agency required new Apple devices, Lohnzich compared the costs on the market and Bechtle’s combination of attractive lease financing offers from Apple Financial Services and hardware security turned out the most suiting. Lohnzich booked the all-bases-covered package from the Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller, which includes Apple’s powerful MacBook Pros and Bechtle’s matching, high quality service. A very exciting offer from Apple Financial Services keeps the costs transparent and the technology up to date. The high guaranteed residual value of the devices makes the financing rates particularly favourable. Lohnzich even pays less for the leasing instalments than the agency would for a new purchase. After two years they get to decide whether they want to return the devices, buy them for their market value or renew the contract.

No matter how Lohnzich decides—their IT environment is now stable and efficient, thanks to Bechtle’s Service & Lifecycle Management. Bechtle’s Apple Service Pack extends the manufacturer’s warranty by up to 36 months and includes rollout, repairs, disposal and remarketing. If a device breaks, it can be fixed for a bargain price, and new computers are custom configured for Lohnzich. All the creatives have to do is unpack their MacBooks and get cracking.

With Apple GiveBack, the agency were even able to trade in their old devices and benefit from the residual value, while modernising their hardware. This allowed Kommunikation Lohnzich to get everything from one source while saving time and money and avoiding stress.

Business benefits.

For agencies like Kommunikation Lohnzich, a flexible, mobile and agile IT environment always revolves around Apple hardware. With Bechtle Apple Leasing, they have the latest Apple technologies working securely and with high performance. Bechtle’s all-bases-covered package saves Lohnzich a lot of work and allows their creatives to focus on their job with unpack-and-go simplicity. With the best hardware Apple has to offer and fully transparent costs.