As a community energy supplier and innovative service provider, MEGA Monheimer Energy Industry GmbH is one of two life forces of Monheim—the other being the Rhine. MEGA supplies Monheim with gas, electricity, and fast internet. It had previously only been using ELOprofessional as a document archiving system. Technical construction files, forms, measurements, and general correspondence for things like power connection were all scanned and filed digitally in ELO. But MEGA needed a solution for digital processing of incoming invoices. The aim—to speed up invoice processing time and enhance transparency across all payment flows. When Bechtle’s long term partner, MEGA, asked how they could do this, the answer was simple. ELO offered all this and much more than what MEGA was looking for. Because ELO’s modules enable the digitalisation of a range of business processes in the Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) from requisitions and purchasing to invoice approval and inventorying to complaints management, construction files, inboxes, and recruiting. Once Bechtle had presented the solution in a workshop, MEGA compared it was other products on the market, quickly coming to the solution that ELO was perfect for their company. And what it didn’t have, Bechtle could develop themselves.

When we were looking for a way to digitalise our incoming invoices, Bechtle suggested ELO. Bechtle and ELO have enabled us to digitalise far more than just incoming invoices—virtually all of our workflows are now digital! How we’re finding it? Great! Communication with Bechtle is excellent and everything was implemented very quickly. All of our requirements were rapidly fulfilled. And we now know that we’ve found the best partner to support us in this area.

Matthias Meliß, IT Team Lead, Order and Materials Management Team Lead, MEGA Monheimer Energy Industry GmbH


As MEGA’s version of ELO was due to be updated, this date was used to coincide with the beginning of the digitalisation workflow. Along with the latest ELOprofessional, MEGA also deployed a new server, imported all old data to the new version, and started a new requisition catalogue as of summer 2019. In the beginning, this was purely a project to digitalise incoming invoices. They needed to be digitally filed, checked, approved, and paid. For this, in winter 2019, Bechtle replaced the previous analogue process with a whole range of ELO optimisations. But then the Corona pandemic hit and digitalisation needed to happen faster than planned. In March 2020, MEGA was able to commence working digitally with a virtually finished solution. And handover was virtually seamless and MEGA grew into their new system: There was some fine tuning to be made after the first digitalisation. Soon there were some new requests which Bechtle implemented. During operations, Bechtle incorporated small bits of programming into the ELO digital workflows to make them more efficient for users. MEGA quickly noticed that many things that no longer worked were possible again when digitalised. Now invoices can even be transparently tracked through the connection to the lima ERP system with ELO.

It shows which accounting, payment runs, and so on has been made, up to the second. Everyone has a clear view in the workflow of whether payments have been made—or not! No one has to check with accounting. All ELO optimisations happen in close agreement between MEGA and Bechtle. A weekly meeting is held to discuss new ideas that Bechtle then implements as soon as possible. This all lets MEGA keep developing until all processes have been digitalised, using a wide range of ELO modules such as digital inboxes, incoming invoices, contracting, applications management, HR files, and ELO Analytics (for full data analysis). ELO also sends applications straight to the right places—in line with data protection regulations, as it is only saved in the ELO and can be centrally erased at candidates’ request. Bechtle also developed an inventory tool and a form for digital complaints management to regulate the process. MEGA’s ELO now has some 100 users. Construction files are now no longer simply scanned in but also automatically shared with various programs. MEGA no longer has to save documents in multiple locations but centrally on an FTP server. If a document is updated, the energy provider’s website accesses this single file and makes it available for download.

Business benefits.

The digitalisation MEGA Monheimer Energy Industry GmbH commissioned through Bechtle saved them ready cash. MEGA Monheimer Energy Industry GmbH was able to save big by commissioning Bechtle to implement their digitalisation. If invoices can be quickly processed, for example, early payment discounts can always be taken advantage of. Hard copies of documents are hardly ever needed and everything at MEGA runs faster thanks to ELO. From orders and requisitions to invoice payment. Processes are transparent and traceable for everyone—quickly and with just one click. In short, business planning is now directly linked to orders and demand, enabling more efficient working.