The Mühlbauer Group is a family-run company straight out of the Oberpfalz, Northern Bavaria, and involved in the manufacture of precision components on a global scale. It tends to a host of security-sensitive industries leveraging the developments coming from its technology centres located in Germany, Malaysia, Slovakia , USA and Serbia. Reliability and trust are absolutely necessary when doing business with governments, the public sector and companies, especially as the company is a specialist in complex ID projects, developing innovative and individually customised ID systems, dealing with all tasks from their design to the issuance of highly secure identity documents. All the hardware and software components required for their projects are developed and produced by Mühlbauer themselves, while collaborating closely with technology centres and partners from all over the world. For this reason it is imperative that the exchange of highly sensitive data within the Mühlbauer Group and with its customers follows the highest security standards. The Managed File Transfer (MFT) software used at the Group was no longer up to the latest security standards or supported by its manufacturer, so the Mühlbauer Group was looking for a state-of-the-art file exchange platform that was user-friendly and easy to manage. It had to be on on-premise, integrated into Outlook as well as be able to securely transfer and encrypt data. It was important to Mühlbauer to include an integrated protocol / logging function to be able to track all activities.

Bechtle made us aware of Qiata by SECUDOS. Qiata is easy to use and allows users and external partners to share large amounts of data easily. When integrating Qiata into the existing IT system landscape, daily business was hardly affected largely thanks to the administrators receiving clear instructions. Qiata was up and running in no time and rollout of the Outlook add-ins also went smoothly.

Simon Preis, IT System Administrator, Mühlbauer Group


Mühlbauer’s IT service provider, Bechtle, introduced them to Qiata by SECUDOS. The Group took part in a workshop where it got to know the extensive functions of the edge application for secure data transfer. Qiata can be used by users to send files and folders securely via an Outlook add-in, a desktop client or web interface. The Mühlbauer Group can  receive files via invitations from external users or choose a custom location for files and folders. Project rooms enable the efficient visualisation of projects with internal and external partners, while notifications and contact lists facilitate collaboration. Transfers that have already taken place can be stopped or extended and the alias function helps support departmental structures. The system is transparent and includes user administration, guidelines, as well as group management and security functions. Even the behaviour of users can be monitored and controlled. IT admins can see from an overview who sent what from where and when, making Qiata by SECUDOS GDPR-compliant.

Mühlbauer Group’s external partners can download files, comment, return files and upload them to project rooms. Qiata lets you change the design, use your own SSL certificate and manage permissions individually, as well as protocol, archive and implement backups. The platform can be installed as a hardware, virtual or cloud appliance. The Group, supported by SECUDOS, tested Qiata for 30 days with a proof-of-concept licence, during which time it installed the data transfer solution as a virtual appliance in its in-house VMware environment on its very own customised virtual machine. It became evident very quickly that users trusted a lot more in Qiata for securely exchanging files than previous solutions. For this reason, Mühlbauer decided to install 100 Qiata concurrent licences, enabling up to 100 employees to work on the system simultaneously. The system was configured with the help of SECUDOS then Group rolled out the Outlook add-in via its in-house software distribution system to all departments across the globe and integrated it into daily business and the existing IT landscape. In addition to this, Mühlbauer concluded a service contract with SECUDOS that will provide fast and competent support in the case of an emergency.

Business benefits.

Qiata by SECUDOS provides secure data transfer, which increases the confidentiality of data, its efficient transmission and ensures digital sovereignty. Thanks to Qiata, even large files can be exchanged securely with customers, providers or internally. Easy operation and integration into Outlook enhance work efficiency and everything is transparent. Thanks to Bechtle’s recommendation, the Mühlbauer Group can transfer sensitive data efficiently and reliably  making the company’s life more secure, simple and comfortable than ever before.