TEGA has been supplying LPG, refrigerants, autogas, fuel gas and application technology for over 60 years. Three filling plants, 115 employees and more than 500 sales partners in Germany make TEGA a reliable country-wide supplier of LPG for private and business customers. Based in Würzburg, the German market leader in refrigerants has belonged to the Irish DCC group since April 2018. The acquisition was DCC’s springboard for expansion in Europe. Since April 2021, it has also been distributing its refrigerants in Austria through TEGA Austria GmbH in Enns.

In order to grow its business, TEGA needed a new network infrastructure that could be rolled out to other segments without a lot of effort. In addition, the company wanted a partner who could manage the new LAN and WLAN and was also well-versed in explosion protection regulations as the hardware had to provide network coverage in the area of the filling plants for gases and refrigerants, but be installed outside.

Thanks to Bechtle, we now have a modern, secure network that can be quickly restored after an incident as Bechtle’s disaster recovery plan means we always have a backup of the most recent configuration. Bechtle maintains and manages the network remotely meaning we don’t have to hire new staff and yet can always rely on our wired and wireless network. If there does happen to be an incident, Bechtle technicians are quickly on-site.

Christian Petersen, Head of Organisation & IT | CIO, TEGA – Technische Gase und Gastechnik GmbH


TEGA commissioned Bechtle to setup and manage a flexible and modern IT infrastructure that could be rolled out to new locations using a ready connection concept. Shortly after the TEGA carve-out, Bechtle worked closely with the company to create a unified network concept with clear network segmentation for all locations. On this basis, Bechtle upgraded the network at the headquarters in Würzburg and replaced the existing network components with new ones from HPE Aruba, before moving on to other sites.

However, the new network infrastructure cannot be managed centrally, so Bechtle integrated the entire switch and access point environment into the HPE Aruba Central cloud management platform. To do so, Bechtle replaced the existing switches and access points with HPE Aruba PoE switches and HPE Aruba access points. These can be managed via HPE Aruba Central for multiple sites via the cloud and enable administrators to access and manage the network from anywhere in the world at any time of the day. In addition, an intuitive dashboard gives the IT department complete visibility into the network status.

Thanks to excellent planning and a structured rollout by Bechtle, the transition took only a few days and required downtime of only a few minutes per switch, if at all. Bechtle managed to connect up the WLAN environment without any downtime whatsoever.

However, TEGA did not want to take care of the monitoring, maintenance and support of the WLAN itself, which is why Bechtle took on the running of TEGA’s LAN and WLAN networks both in Germany and worldwide as part of its Managed Services. Thanks to the new cloud management and unified device pool, Bechtle monitors, manages, maintains, patches and renews TEGA’s entire network via the cloud. Moreover, Bechtle support technicians can quickly and easily access components should any issues arise.

Business benefits.

With its new network components, TEGA has at its disposal a network infrastructure that is perfectly aligned and always up-to-date. Bechtle is able to monitor and manage the entire system thanks to the connection to HPE Aruba Central, which means that TEGA requires only a minimum number of staff, but the network always leverages the latest technology. New sites and companies can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure, which is also handled by Bechtle.