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Pre-fabricated data centre solutions are innovative, complete solutions integrated in containers. Manufactured and tested in a factory, dropped in place in close proximity to users in corporate data centres or colocation facilities.

Our pre-fabricated data centre solutions are comprised of power supplies, cooling, power skids and IT modules which can be deployed quickly and offer predictable performance from day one—all supported by the tried-and-tested expertise of Schneider Electric staff.

Choose between a wide range of customisable prefabricated building blocks or all-in-one solutions in single enclosures to deliver a new data centre or to increase capacity for your existing infrastructure, deployed quickly and offering predictable performance from day one.

Key facts:
  • Pre-engineered and wired with integrated hardware and software.
  • Factory manufactured and tested.
  • Arrives on-site ready to deploy quickly and easily.
  • Multiple form factors and power ranges.
  • All-in-one or building blocks used together to form a complete data centre solution.
  • Award-winning DCIM software package.
  • Digital, rule-based design tool.
  • Comprehensive library with reference designs.
  • Global network for country-wide presence and to offer the same service quality across locations.
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Power supply modules.

Power module:

Integrated UPS, switchgear and management software in a weather proof enclosure, optimised for scalable data centre power.

Pre-fabricated power modules offer the best solution for scaling your data centre power for expansion or incremental growth. Enclosed modules can be used either inside or outside, and have been designed to withstand extreme weather and environments. The modules are fully integrated to include switchgear, UPS, environmental monitoring, security, and fire suppression as well as StruxureWare Expert for system controls and management. Choose a standard version or put together a customer system for your needs.


Power skid:

Integrated UPS, switchgear and management software optimised for scalable power in large data centres.

Pre-fabricated power skids offer the best solution for scaling up data centre power quickly. Intended for indoor, large scale applications, skid-mounted prefabricated modules allow for larger power ranges within a small power-dense footprint. The skid-mounted modules feature the Symmetra MW or MGE Galaxy 7000 UPS for best-in-class efficiency and are fully integrated to include switchgear, batteries, ATS and can include EcoStruxure Power software for a fully integrated management system. Choose a standard version or put together a customer system for your needs.

IT modules.



Easy-to-deploy, prefabricated IT infrastructure packaged within a secure, weather-roof, shipping container for remote or special applications. SmartShelter containers address the challenges of deploying data centres in remote sites, industrial environments, and other locations where a dedicated building or space does not exist. Enable real-time processing and resolve latency and bandwidth issues by locating a data centre closer to your operations. Benefit from the simplicity of an easy-to-deploy data centre for a branch office, oil and gas site, mining operation, or forward operating military base.

  • Decrease risk with a pre-engineered, fully managed system
  • Flexibility to change data centre growth as customers demands change
  • Provide physical security to critical data
  • Realise revenue or production sooner by deploying quickly anywhere in the world
  • Deploy in remote areas with limited construction support
  • Repurpose valuable space for core business.


SmartShelter containers contain the entire data centre physical infrastructure, completely assembled and tested in a single ISO shipping container, and provide a value option for a prefabricated data centre.

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All-in-one module:

Large pre-fabricated IT infrastructure solutions. The modules are purpose built, secure, weather proof and are fire protection rated and offer a large range of features.

All-in-one modules offer a practical alternative for building a new or expanding existing IT space. Minimise construction costs and complexity by having your IT space built off-site, in a factory environment. Facilities such as hospitals, universities, and automated factories can benefit from an all-in-one solution by reclaiming valuable space for their core operation and locating the data centre outside the building or even in a remote location. Each solution contains a complete data centre infrastructure solution and integrated monitoring and management system through EcoStruxure IT Expert software.


  • Decrease risk with a pre-engineered, fully managed system
  • Adjust plans for future expansions with repeatable and flexible designs
  • Financially justify data centre expansion through preservation of valuable building space
APC Prefab Detail
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Thomas Jeda

VIPM APC by Schneider Electric
Phone +49 7132 981-3748