Effizient im Homeoffice mit IT-Zubehör von ARTICONA

    Working from home for experts.

    Work efficiently from home with IT accessories from ARTICONA.


    The trend towards decentralised working – which we at ARTICONA have been supporting for a long time – has exploded and has become a test of endurance for companies. From experience, we can say that working from home works – but having the right IT accessories is crucial to be effective. Digital collaboration needs a solid foundation which is more than just a powerful notebook. Carefully optimised accessories help your employees to concentrate on what’s important and makes working with devices—that are often smaller than you’re used to—easier. So don’t compromise when selecting the right peripherals and bear these three factors in mind:

    Flawless compatibility.

    Even the best brand devices are useless if they don’t work together. Docking stations, hubs, and adapters let you switch seamlessly between workstations.

    Unlimited working.

    Your employees should be able to work in a way that lets them unleash their full potential. Well-thought-out, ergonomic peripherals boost productivity and can often be combined.

    Efficient use of space.

     Compact equipment without compromises on functionality make the world of a difference in small spaces. Quiet devices pay dividends when video calling and spare family members’ nerves.

    Work productively with the right IT accessories. You’re not alone, even at home.

    ARTICONA is your reliable partner with a wide product portfolio of premium-quality IT accessories. We want to give you an all-round good feeling – from placing your order to using your devices. Our extensive expertise means you’ll always get a good product at a fair price. You’re not alone, even at home.        

    Docking stations
    Keyboards & mice
    Notebook bags & backpacks
    USB hubs & multi-port adapters
    USB sticks
    Cleaning supplies
    Docking stations
    Docking stations.

    Dock at home.

    If you need connections at home, look no further than a good docking station so you don’t have to go without comfort or functionality. Need the best video and audio quality without compromises? Want to charge devices with power delivery too? Or looking for a solution that can fit in your pocket? We’re sure to have the right docking stations for you – compatible with both Windows and macOS.



    ARTICONA Dockingstationen
    Keyboards & mice
    Keyboards & Mice.

    Quiet typing and clicking.

    If you want to work productively for longer periods, ergonomic and polished input devices are a must. Keyboards with quiet mechanisms are not just a relief for family members, those trying to listen to what you’re saying rather than your typing in video calls will also be grateful. And a mouse for healthy hand positioning lets you get through to knocking off time and beyond without aches and pains.





    ARTICONA Tastaturen & Mäuse
    Notebook bags & backpacks
    Notebook bags & backpacks.

    Switch locations seamlessly and professionally.

    Your professional equipment shouldn’t be at risk of damage when you need to take it somewhere. Our reliable companions protect your investment on the way to and from your home office and also offer lots of space for all of your accessories and documents. Keep your belongings safe with our high-quality notebook bags and backpacks.





    USB hubs & multi-port adapters
    USB hubs & multi-port adapters.

    At home, it’s all about your connections!

    Modern devices are often heavily optimised for mobile use and feature fewer and fewer ports. A USB hub or multi-port adapter is the elegant solution to expand your home office connection options. Our reliable connectivity marvels diversify your connection options in one fell swoop and offer quick data transfer without loss of quality.





    ARTICONA USB-Hubs & Multiport-Adapter

    Premium cables, no tangles.

    Even when working from home, you still need cables. Using the right USB charging cables for mobile devices and notebooks ensure that all devices are always supplied with the power they need. Reliable RJ45 network cables enable uninterrupted video conferencing and let you transfer large amounts of data even with weak WLAN. Monitor cables with a range of connectors convey video and audio without losing any quality.







    ARTICONA Kabel
    USB sticks
    USB sticks.

    Keep your data in your pocket.

    USB sticks are a popular and convenient option to securely transport data from home to the office. USB sticks are compact, robust, and easy to use and therefore continue to be used a great deal. We offer you numerous models with a range of storage options and fast data transfer speeds to ensure that your data gets from A to B reliably.




    Good posture working from home.

    A healthy working environment and an ergonomic sitting position are especially important when working from home. Positioning yourself correctly in front of your screen wards of health risks and means you can work for longer without issues. A height-adjustable mount relieves back and other complaints and makes working at home more pleasant.



    Cleaning supplies
    Cleaning supplies.

    Stay clean!

    A clean and germ-free workspace is more important now than ever. Our universal cleaning and disinfection solutions for all workplaces give dust, dirt, and bacteria no chance. Make sure you are working hygienically at home and protect both lifespan of your equipment and your own health.



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