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Click, type, save: Reliable ARTICONA keyboards and mice.

Wireless and comfortable. ARTICONA wireless keyboard and mouse set.

The ARTICONA wireless keyboard and mouse set is perfect for your PC, notebook or 2-in-1 device. Devices connect with a USB dongle with a wireless signal range of up to 10 metres. The keyboard is available in various language layouts.                                                


✓ Comfortable and ergonomic

✓ Long range

✓ High quality

Unbeatable price and performance: ARTICONA T101 Keyboard.

The universal ARTICONA T101 keyboard is sturdy yet elegant. The keyboard makes for comfortable typing and is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and UNIX. The keyboard is available in various language layouts.


✓ Classic and universal keyboard

✓ Reliable, ideal for every day work 

✓ Top price, good quality

Optimal comfort—With or without cables: ARTICONA mice.

For mobile working or office tasks, ARTICONA mice are perfect for everyday work.  And the ARTICONA mouse pad is the perfect partner.


✓ Great value-for-money

✓ Top quality 

✓ High availability

Hygienic and reliable.

Input devices are now commonly used outside of the office. Even construction sites and production lines need computers. Our water and dust proof keyboards and mice can be rinsed off and cleaned with detergent. They fulfil IP standards 67 and 68, are watertight and can be disinfected. Washable, dirt-proof, reliable..


✓ Washable and waterproof  

✓ Disinfectable enclosure, dirt-proof 

✓ Ideal for demanding environments

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