Get your workspaces up to
speed for the digital transformation.

The world of work is undergoing massive change.
Standard offices can no longer cut the mustard, so
new models are needed such as
hybrid or fully remote.

We are now entering the era of remote working.

It’s no longer enough to simply equip your employees with mobile end devices. Instead, you should be enabling your employees to work flexibly and efficiently from anywhere. It’s time to have a re-think. Let us show you how modern hardware has to mesh in order to enable hybrid working.



Almost completely wireless.

In order to provide as much free space and tidiness as possible at your workspaces, it is inevitable that the number of cables has to be reduced to a minimum.

Especially when you are working at different locations, it saves you time and makes you more productive.

We recommend Dell Technologies monitors and OptiPlex computers with a practical single cable solution.

This approach plays a key role for gadgets such as mice, keyboards and headsets. You will have more flexibility and your workspace will look tidier and more modern.





This approach plays a key role for gadgets such as mice, keyboards and headsets. You will have more flexibility and your workspace will look tidier and more modern.

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Tidying up.

A computer integrated into the monitor helps you to save valuable space, giving you more space to innovate.

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AI efficiency.

Dell Optimizer is revolutionising the way we work.
As the only AI-based optimisation software, it automatically adjusts the performance of your device to your individual user behaviour.


It optimises the performance of your applications, your audio settings and the network connection in the background so that you can work without a bother.





Low volume.

Quiet working environments
thanks to the efficient and quiet cooling of devices.
Even at maximum performance.

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Efficient collaboration is child’s play with Dell Technologies Collaboration monitors and hands-free devices,
whether it’s virtual or in person.


Thanks to integrated buttons, you can change the volume and sound settings fast and flexibly.
Save yourself the troublesome search.

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Productivity knows no limits.
With mobile devices, you can work flexibly from anywhere.


Thanks to their integrated eSIM, they are not only location-independent, but also equipped for limited access to hotspots and productivity.

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Dell Technologies cameras enable you to login quickly by means of Windows Hello. Thanks to high image quality and automatic adjustment of lighting, your image will also remain crisp in video conferences.

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Tips for the ideal user experience.

Robbi Teichfischer
Display and Client Peripherals
Lead Dell Technologies




With employees moving back and forth between the office and remote working setups, the office has to change to become more flexible.

Robbi Teichfischer is an expert for collaboration solutions and the modernisation of the workplace.

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