HPE Aruba network solutions

Network solutions for gastronomy.

As a means of improving customer satisfaction and turnover, more and more hotels and restaurants are using HPE Aruba for a powerful network, as their guests expect nothing but the best, when it comes to WLAN.


The challenge in gastronomy is to provide a secure and powerful employee network, while offering reliable WLAN for all guests. Companies are often faced with the following problems:



  • Complicated provision of WLAN passwords for guests
  • Unhappy customers and frustrated employees due to network overloads and cut-outs.
  • Security problems due to parallel use of the network infrastructure by guests and employees.
HPE Aruba network solutions | Gastronomy
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The advantages of Aruba network solutions.

Find out the advantages of HPE Aruba, which is being chosen by more and more hotels and restaurants.


Seamless experience: Guests and employees usually have several devices and expect a reliable network connection with powerful WLAN.


Perfect distribution of data traffic: Intelligent control and prioritisation of applications for business-critical areas. Uninterrupted connection throughout entire complex.


Navigational services: Navigate guests to their rooms or restaurants with step-free access. Improve turnover with push notifications and personalise the experience for your guests.

The Aruba ESP management tool, an AI-based Edge Service platform for improved, simpler IT support for hosts, enables a reduction of operating costs.


Boost customer loyalty: Uninterrupted connection and a personal guest experience are important for the satisfaction of your customers. It’s what wins their loyalty.


Simple login: The guest can log in independently via WLAN and register on the self-service portal and accept the T&Cs. This relieves your employees of tasks such as printing out WLAN codes.


Managed Service: Would you like someone else to take care of your network for you? – Then hand your IT infrastructure over to Bechtle Managed Services.

Use cases.

Not only do guests want to work on your network, they also want to stream series, films and music. WLAN is critical and has to work. But it doesn’t have to be complicated: Bechtle can handle it as a Managed Service.



Your requirements:

  • Visitor WLAN for guests
  • High availability and large bandwidth
  • Operation without your own IT by externally hosting the network connection.
HPE Aruba network solutions | Gastronomy
HPE Aruba network solutions | Gastronomy

Our solution:

  • High performance WLAN with high transfer rate
  • Simple guest connection via the self-service portal
  • Consistent network structure in all locations
  • High degree of security provides secure surfing and protection of your network centre from unwanted access
  • Aruba Central for central management of LAN and WLAN at all locations
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