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– When every second counts.

Protect your business from the growing threat of ransomware.

In a world in which digital security is top of the agenda, IBM’s latest whitepaper dives into the shocking truth about ransomware attacks. With Europe a hotbed of attacks, you’ll discover why the time is right to bolster your defences.


Spotlight on Europe.

Discover why 32% of all ransomware attacks in 2023 unfolded in Europe and what the devastating consequences were for the companies involved.

Fast and pernicious.

One single attack can encrypt up to 2.5 petabytes of data in less than 24 hours. Our analysis shows how critical it is take action.

The heavy cost of silence.

Find out why German companies pay an average of 4.3 million euros per attack and why full data recovery often remains pie in the sky.


Three decisive steps to protection.

Our whitepaper covers the crucial steps businesses need to take to minimise the threat of ransomware—from rapid detection to recovery.

Revolutionary technology.

Learn how IBM is revolutionising the identification of cyberattacks with innovative FlashCore Module 4 and built in AI that don’t impact system performance.


A step beyond identification.

IBM’s solution not only offers early detection, but also delivers exemplary memory efficiency and data resilience. Discover how you can backup up to 1 petabyte of data in a single rack.


IBM Storage Defender.

Find out how this platform guarantees the protection of critical data—from the automated detection of threats to seamless recovery after an attack.


Every second counts – IBM FCM4 allows ransomware attacks to be detected in seconds,
keeping the amount of encrypted data to a minimum.


Data encryption over time.

Download the whitepaper to gain an in-depth insight into the world of ransomware defence and discover how IBM solutions can secure your business in a risky digital world.

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This whitepaper is only available in german.

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