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Fewer risks, simplified management, happy users.


Did you know that 80% of all security breaches can be traced back to access credentials that are either weak, reused several times or stolen?* Minimise the risk and take security to the next level with LastPass. Over 100,000 businesses already have and are benefiting from:

  • 130+ adaptable password policies
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Passwordless login with a FIDO2 authenticator
  • Integration in enterprise applications
  • MFA and SSO
  • Free family licences for employees


*Source: Verizon, Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), 2020


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Set course towards a passwordless future.


While we may still be used to typing in our passwords, things will be very different in the future so it’s worth investing in password management to smooth the transition.

  • Passwordless login into your Vault with the LastPass Authenticator app
  • FIDO2 authentication gives employees additional access options including biometric data and security keys such as YubiKey
  • LastPass will soon support passkeys on all devices and platforms for passwordless access for all logins, not just those that are SSO-based.


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How LastPass supports your IT team in all things cybersecurity.

Find out how LastPass can bring structure and simplicity to your password management for both admins and users. 

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Security, simplified for your business.


Find out more about LastPass Businesses—Password Management with Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


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Make life easier with business integrations.


Simplify LastPass deployment by integrating with your existing


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Passwordless is possible.


Embracing the passwordless future. How to leverage LastPass to get you started.



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Success story –


Find out how the Swiss software company, AdNovum, tackled security challenges head on with LastPass.


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