Samsung XCover Pro

Galaxy XCover Pro.

Properly equipped for every environment.


The Galaxy XCover Pro Enterprise Edition has been specially developed for industries where workers are faced with difficult and harsh conditions on a daily basis. The Galaxy XCover Pro is as resilient as it is attractive. Thanks to two programmable keys4, you can have access to your favourite apps at the push of a button. The two XCover Key design lets you customise to access the apps you need with a press. Dual LED aids in low-light adventures, while the Service LED flashes when receiving messages. And with POGO charging support, it’s easy to keep your XCover Pro ready to go.

Fulfils high standards.

Galaxy XCover Pro meets IP68 and MIL-STD 810G standards so it is durable enough to withstand harsh environments. Whether working in the field or manufacturing site troubleshooting problems it provides comfortable operation so you stay one step ahead of the job at hand.


Resolution that stands out.

Get pristine viewing in all the places life takes you. The 6.3" high-resolution display on Galaxy XCover Pro delivers an optimal viewing experience for photos, maps and other visual content even when you’re exploring off road, or out in the field.


Increased touch sensitivity.

When business operations demand that gloves be worn at all times, the Galaxy XCover Pro ensures that the work gets done safely. Its increased screen sensitivity allows field engineers, factory workers and construction crews to keep projects running smoothly while protecting their hands.


Cameras ready for work.

The Galaxy XCover Pro’s 25MP and 8MP Dual Camera and 13MP front camera take clear photos even when you’re out in the field. Live focus lets you blur the background when you need to make your subject stand out against landscapes, and you can use the LED Torch Light to brighten low-light scenes.


Barcode Scanning.

Modern barcode scanning technology with the XCover Pro’s built-in camera features and scanning software from solutions partners such as KOAMTAC and Scandit offer an alternative solution for good management and logistics. The combination of smartphone and barcode scanner in a single device facilitates a flexible, reliable application both for mobile communication and mastering work processes. This boosts efficiency and can have a positive effect on operative costs.


Replaceable battery.

When in use for longer periods, the Galaxy XCover Pro gets you through the day with its powerful 4,050 mAh battery3. Moreover, the battery is exchangeable so you can stay productive even if you have to pull an unexpected late shift and don’t have a power source at hand.

Protect your privacy on many levels.

Samsung Knox is built into the Galaxy XCover Pro’s hardware and software and starts defending you right from when you turn it on. Thanks to the multi-level security mechanisms, your sensitive data is protected against malware and other threats.


The Galaxy XCover Pro is available as an Enterprise Edition, meaning that retail end customers can get access to Knox Configure and Knox E FOTA on MDM solutions.


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1 No protection against salt water and other liquids, in particular soap suds, alcohol and/or heated liquids.  The SIM/memory card tray must be flush with the device body to ensure no water can enter the device.

2 Tested according to methods defined in MIL-STD-810G:

3  The mAh number refers to typical battery capacity determined under laboratory conditions. The (minimum) capacity determined according to the relevant IEC 61960 standard is lower. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, user behaviour and other factors.

4 Only available with third-party solutions