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More than five million customers worldwide rely on our solutions – including 100% of the Fortune 1000.

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Data protection costs under control.

Acronis’s solutions are cost-efficient and provide a transparent, easily-calculable licence model with no hidden costs.

Protection against cyber-crime.

Acronis’ AI-based malware protection technology, strong encryptions and secure backup storage ensure that unauthorised users cannot damage, encrypt, or otherwise alter data.

Sustainable reliability.

Acronis’ solutions have been used by millions of users for over 15 years and globally in more than 100 data centres. They ensure that you can easily secure your data and restore it quickly at any time – no matter what happens.

Full control of your own data.

Acronis l gives you full control of your data protection—from access  to your data and storage locations to proof of authentication for your files.  so you’re always compliant with corporate or regulatory requirements.

GHigh user-friendliness means low time investment needed.

The intuitive, touch-friendly interface ensures Acronis’ solutions deliver a smooth, efficient user experience so you can manage your protection simply while freeing valuable IT resources..


AI-based integration of data protection and cyber security for MSPs.

Traditional MSP tools are not just designed to tackle modern cyber threats. The patchwork of software that MSPs have historically relied on – for backup, patch automation, anti-malware, configuration management, etc. – does not work together Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is a game changer in that it links up data protection and cyber security features.

Features of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.


  • Infrastructure and devices auto-discovery
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Data protection map


  • Remote agent installation
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Unified protection policies management


  • Defences against malware/ransomware
  • Hard drive health control
  • Dashboards and reports


  • Patch management integrated with backup
  • Malware quarantine
  • Rescue with bootable media


  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Forensic information in backups
  • Remote desktop
Increase annual revenues.

Sell more cyber protection services, increase your profit margin, improve your attach rates and  gain the tools to deliver proactive assessments of client environments.

Improve your SLAs.

Earn trust and gain new client referrals by preventing organisation downtime and ensuring faster remediation – improved endpoint and data protection tools make it easy.

Control costs.

Improve efficiency by using one tool for deployments, monitoring, management, assistance, backup, recovery, and reporting – you won’t need new hardware, staff, or training.

Better customer retention.

Demonstrate value to improve customer satisfaction and simplify client renewals. By providing more attractive services, the less you have to worry about retaining customers.

Offer managed security.

Enhance your customers’ cyber protection and tap into new sources of revenue – without capital investments, additional overheads, or needing to hire costly security specialists.


A platform designed for MSPs to provision cyber protection services.


Provisioning of multiple cyber protection services has never been so simple, effective, and secure. The unique Acronis Cyber Cloud platform provides the following benefits: a complete, integrated solutions suite for all customer protection requirements—from backup and disaster recovery to malware protection and digital signatures. A design optimised for service providers with a tenant-compatible portal, holistic service provisioning, white-labelling options, PSA/RMM integrations, consumption-based billing and much more.


Services included at a glance:

Acronis Cyber
Backup Cloud.

#1 hybrid, cloud-based BaaS offering for all virtual, physical and cloud environments.

Acronis Cyber
Disaster Recovery 

Out-of-the-box DRaaS solution for digital and physical workloads based on Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud.

Acronis Cyber
Files Cloud.

Solution for secure data synchronisation and authorisation and flexible storage.

Acronis Cyber
Notary Cloud.

Blockchain-based solutions for file accreditation, digital signing, and authentication.

Acronis Cyber

A scalable, cost-effective, and versatile SDS edge solution that’s customisable to your brand.


The most reliable and user-friendly backup solution for companies of all sizes.


Securing business-critical data doesn’t have to be complicated! Companies can depend on all of their data being available and secure. These availability requirements pose great challenges for IT employees in terms of constantly and reliably protecting a growing amount of data without compromising running productive systems.  You need a quick, scalable, data protection infrastructure that can adapt to your budget.


With Acronis Cyber Backup, you can ensure uninterrupted business operations—even in the event of disasters by proactively preventing failures – and quick, reliable recovery of your data!

Full availability without downtime.

Recovery in seconds.
  • Defence against ransomware attacks
  • Restore VMs before anyone notices the issue.
  • Restore servers and PCs on new or other hardware.
Quick backup, continual operation.

Minimal effect on production systems.
  • Compliance with even the smallest backup windows
  • Deduplication and process outsourcing to other hosts to save computer and network resources.
  • Enable backups with just three clicks for comprehensive backups.
All-round data protection, now and for the future.

More than 20 protected platforms.
  • Secure cloud workloads, hypervisor environments, applications, and mobile devices.
  • Secure your business operations – whatever technology you use.
  • Scale your storage capacities and data protection capabilities if your data grows.
Low costs for optimum affordability.

Up to 40% savings compared to traditional backup solutions.
  • Low start costs and easy switching from older systems
  • Up to ten times lower storage costs with deduplication and cloud storage use
  • 20% less effort with simplified and automated administration
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