Building a robust network connectivity with Bechtle SD-WAN.


Take control and transform your network connectivity to enhance performance, network agility and security. Traditional WAN architectures are costly to manage and cannot keep up with changing demands. Maintaining secure and efficient network operations for organisations with multiple locations can be complex and time-consuming.



Bechtle SD-WAN:

  • Central management
  • Deployment Friendly
  • Highly flexible
  • Optimised use of bandwidths
  • Best application performance
  • Supports companies’ cloud strategies
  • Highly-scalable
  • Optimum cost structure
  • Maximum availability
  • Single point of contact for solutions design, operation, and support


In order to be able to sustainably provide the described added-value for you, we have chosen a platform-based approach. With this highly-automated approach, scalability, and not least the available providers, we can offer you SD-WAN as a service with global coverage and global SLAs.

enabling the IT company to expand its networking portfolio to include a completely managed SD-WAN-as-a-Service. The solution makes it possible to efficiently and quickly build highly-standardised business networks based on Cisco’s SD-WAN technology.

Stay agile.

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