Why organisations are choosing SD-WAN.


IT decision-makers are increasingly and quickly confronted with new requirements from the actual business operations of the company. In order to do justice to agile provision of new, often cloud-based communication relationships, companies are turning to SD-WAN solutions. These help to overcome barriers such as high latency and poor WAN performances for your business critical IT applications.

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Bechtle SD-WAN offers:

  • Transmission technology
  • xDSL, ethernet services, LTE, satellite, etc.
  • Highly flexible

Bechtle SD-WAN boosts:

  • Performance potential
  • Trusted reliability
  • Flexibility of transmission bandwidths
  • Transparency of application performance
  • Central management of security features
  • Central management of application policies

Stay agile.

Get in touch with us and learn everything that Bechtle SD-WAN can do for you.



Wide area networks (WAN) for branch networking.


    Compared to classical WAN, SD-WAN offers various advantages which help your company smoothly master its digital transformation.

    Traditional WAN concept:

    Modern SD-WAN concept (exemplary):

    Decentral vs central & software-based.

    Configurations can be conducted at network level in real time, via a central portal. This saves time, money, and resources.

    Manual vs Automated.

    SD-WAN reacts automatically to fluctuations in transmission quality and ensures the best possible connection for business critical applications. Through automated load balancing, the hurdles of configuration are shifted from people to technology.

    Inflexible vs programmable.

    Network behaviour can be flexibly tailored to support individual existing applications as well as rapidly deploying new services.

    Reactive vs Predictive.

    Where reactive models are always in a state of change, predictive models use historical data to adjust routes and flows with less disruption.

    Connectivity-intent vs Business-intent.

    Simply being able to connect locations with each other is no longer enough. Businesses require value from WAN to provide value to their customers.

    Bechtle SD-WAN – Global Availability.

    Transition to SD-WAN to achieve network agility for business transformation.


    Building a robust network connectivity with Bechtle SD-WAN.