Professional WiFi,
without the complexity?


Doesn't exist? Oh, but it does: Secure and reliable WiFi with professional features, easily configurable via an intuitive mobile app. 
Introducing Meraki Go!



It’s hard to imagine what working used to be like before the invention of one thing: the internet. Meraki GO brings professional WiFi to your company. A secure and reliable WiFi network that you can set up and manage from a smartphone app with virtually no network experience—without having to do without comprehensive features like being able to block websites, set data limits, and set up guest WiFi networks.

Everything you need:

  • The choice between an indoor or outdoor access point
  • The Meraki Go Mobile App for configuration, management, and analytics
  • Easily manage up to four networks to keep guests, colleagues, and devices like PoS terminals and printers separate
  • Speed limits for users, devices, and websites
  • Block websites
  • Automatic software and security updates in accordance with licensing
Download the free Meraki Go Mobile App from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now.
And we’ve got the right access point and licences: