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Tests have proven that attackers can leverage, for example, phishing e-mails to gain access to end devices with one in ten ultimately proving fruitful. Once in, an attacker needs between three minutes and two days to gain full access to the targeted business.


As a result, privileged user accounts are posing the greatest security risk to businesses today. Any attacker that manages to gain access to one can control enterprise resources, deactivate security systems and access huge volumes of sensitive data. This access will then either be used to blackmail the company or to sell the data to the highest bidder.


In order to protect these accounts and the associated business-critical resources, organisations need complete control to secure, monitor, record and respond to all privileged account activity.

CyberArk ...


… is your reliable expert for the protection of privileged user accounts. The Privileged Account Security solution has been designed from the ground up to provide the highest levels of security for privileged user accounts in all environments—no matter if on-premise, in a hybrid cloud, in DevOps environments and endpoints or in industrial control or SCADA systems. It protects and monitors systems; detects, reports and tackles threats and offers high levels of manipulation security, scalability and adaptability for complex, dispersed environments, providing maximum protection against threats from both outside and in.

Many businesses know that they need a Privileged Access solution, but only a few feel they are in a position to deploy and manage one. With on-premise solutions, there are often numerous systems that need to be tested, bought, deployed and integrated into the data centre, and that’s no easy task. PAM as-a-Service takes on the heavy lifting so that you and your company can quickly achieve the objective of every security solution: reducing risks. With PAM as-a-Service, CyberArk is not only by your side during the deployment process, but also takes care of configuration, fine tuning and service integration.


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Secure Privileged Access: Tried and tested risk mitigation


The risk landscape has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With a dramatic rise in the number of remote workers and workstations, organisations must quickly and adequately address infrastructure and productivity needs while following best practices for “risk distancing.” As you review your security program and priorities for this new reality, rely on CyberArk to guide you to your next best move to keep critical assets, workstations and remote users secure.

The Cyber Playbook.
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Protection in hospitality and tourism.
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Retail & e-commerce: Brand and consumer protection.
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Protection for the telecommunications industry.
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Secure infrastructures for transportation.
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Understand and protect critical infrastructures.
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Scan your network with CyberArk DNA™ to determine the risks to your privileged accounts.
With a CyberArk DNA™ Scan you can:
  • Find privileged user accounts
  • Clearly highlight security risks posed by privileged accounts
  • Identify privileged passwords, SSH keys and password hashes.
  • Collect reliable and comprehensive audit information
CyberArk DNA answers the following questions:
  • On which network servers can privileged accounts be found?
  • Which accounts have extended privileges?
  • How many SSH and orphan key are there on the network?
  • Which computers and accounts in the network can be accessed via SSH keys, and from where?
  • Which privileged accounts do not comply with corporate guidelines (e.g. the password hasn’t be changed for over 90 days)?
  • Have external employees set up privileged accounts on a server?
  • Are there “backdoor” accounts for products that are no longer in operation?
  • How many and which computers on the network are vulnerable to Pass-the-Hash attacks?
CYBERARK DNA™ facts and figures:
  • In 2016, CyberArk DNA™ scanned over 15 million machines
  • On average, there are three to four times as many privileged accounts in a company as there are employees
  • 88% of scanned networks were at risk and could present significant security risks such as data theft and manipulation in the future.
  • The tool operates in read-only mode and does not write over any information on the scanned machines.
CyberArk Discovery & Audit.
Read more about CYBERARK DNA™.
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