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The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has stipulated the use of attack detection systems since 01 May 2023, but if the cloud isn’t a realistic possibility and you’re in a race against time, the answer is attack detection as an appliance.

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Cyberattacks aren’t only a threat for individual companies, but for society as a whole. With this in mind, the German Federal Government laid the foundations for the protection of basic services requiring providers to take steps to prevent disruption to supplies.

The BSI then set out the specific criteria.


The BSI’s guidelines state

“Operators of critical infrastructures and power grids in Germany are obligated to implement attack detection systems to protect their IT. Updates to the Act on the Federal Office for Information Security (BSIG) and Law on the Energy Industry (EnWG), evidence of attack detection systems must be provided to the BSI.”

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Detect attacks with an Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) System. Most systems run in a specific cloud, but this is contradictory to the basic principle of public-sector digital sovereignty. This also excludes some areas of operation that are run without an internet connection for a very good reason such as production facilities in the food industry, municipal utilities’ network technology, utility company control rooms and other critical sectors.

Together with Cybereason, Bechtle is meeting the challenge head on and has developed a solution that combines the benefits of EDR with those of an on-site solution—EDR as an appliance. Specialist devices are installed on-site so attack-detection data never leaves your data centre.

  • Fast and risk-free setup configured to your needs
  • Cost-effective thanks to pre-assembly and standardisation
  • The intuitive console gives real-time insights into system threats
  • Pre-defined, tailored reports document the system’s consistent monitoring
  • Available with tiered Bechtle services if required
  • Up to 24×7 SOC as a Service







Our Bechtle appliance –
Powered by Cybereason.




Ransomware encrypts important corporate data and systems stopping you in your tracks. Attackers usually promise to unencrypt everything if you pay a six or seven-figure ransom in a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, exerting pressure by threatening to publish corporate secrets. However, it is not only strategically important and large enterprises that fall victim to such as attack, but companies of all shapes and sizes down to a German sports retailer.


Attacks these days are well-organised businesses carried out in following defined processes with hackers gaining access to a computer on a network and install malware either through precisely tailored phishing e-mails or exploiting new security vulnerabilities. In 2020, ransomware is estimated to have caused one billion US dollars of damage—almost twice the German federal budget.

Back in May 2021, fuel stations along the east coast of the US stood empty for days after the largest pipeline operator fell victim to a ransomware attack that shut down the automatic control of its pipelines.

How can you protect yourself?


First of all, it’s important to know who and what you are up against, which means understanding attack methods and vectors, i.e. how attackers gain access to networks, proliferate, find and steal and encrypt data.


  • Protection and prevention are critical, but it has to be clear that you can never be fully protected all the time.
  • With this in mind, it’s essential to prepare for the worst case scenario now, so you can detect and respond to threats faster.
  • By the way, paying the ransom is no guarantee of protection. There are several companies who have twice fallen victim to attacks—sometimes perpetrated by the same hackers.

Bechtle is certified by the BSI as a qualified APT service provider.



The question is not if, but when you’ll be attacked. There is no such thing as 100% protection, which is why it’s important to detect attacks and stop them in their tracks. This is where an EDR system comes in, reducing your IT team’s workload and enabling them to stop attacks before hackers achieve their goals and before the effort required to do so is blown out of all proportion.




Endpoint Detection And Response Systems pick up on suspicious activity on PCs, networks, mobile devices and services, analysing on the process rather than the program layer to identify known malicious code and monitor unusual software and behaviour patterns.




Give IT the tools they need to identify and prevent attacks in a snap. With automatic notifications of suspicious events, automatically blocked malicious code and ransomware that is automatically prevented from encrypting, Cybereason Endpoint Detection & Response boosts your IT team’s productivity as they are relieved of time-consuming routine tasks safe in the knowledge that the MalOp™ concept is automatically protecting servers and end devices around the clock. Save time that can be used to drive your company forward with complete peace of mind.



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