Take the next step towards sustainability.

With the DICOTA ECO collection.

Customers worldwide have trusted DICOTA for 25 years to protect and transport their electronic companions. As a leading brand for premium bag solutions, DICOTA is consciously aware of its social and ecological responsibility and actively shape the future. DICOTA focuses on sustainable alternatives when selecting materials.

Over the last 5 years, DICOTA has manufactured more than 335,000 transport solutions from recycled PET,


giving more than 2.5 million PET (0.5 l) bottles a new lease of life. Following in the footsteps of the ECO Series, the products of the new SCALE and SELECT collections main material are made of 100% recycled PET –


a material that’s not only kind to the environment, but doesn’t compromise on quality, looks or feel.


In the future, DICOTA targets replacing the main material for all their textile products with recycled materials.

Less than half the energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

PET can be recycled using either a chemical or mechanical process. DICOTA prefers the latter whereby used bottles are collected, sorted according to colour and cleaned. Once the labels and caps have been removed, the bottles are broken down into PET flakes which are then heated to remove any remaining impurities, melted and formed into pellets. These pellets are then melted down again and extruded into coarse polyester fibres, which are then brushed, stretched and spun into yarns. A process that helps the environment: Energy consumption and CO2 emissions can both be reduced by more than half compared to newly manufactured plastic. The yarns can then finally be processed into various types of fabric. These fabrics can either be made of pure recycled materials or mixed with new polyester and tailored to the specific requirements of the end product. The final stage is to dye the fabric to achieve a colour that befits stylish, environmentally friendly DICOTA bags.


No compromise on durability and quality despite recycled PET..


Consistent recycling helps to conserve resources and at DICOTA, it’s the foundation of innovative solutions. In order to ensure responsible social and environmental practices and chemical usage throughout the entire production, DICOTA requires all its suppliers for recycled PET yarns to comply with the Global Recycled Standard. With their internal and external audits, DICOTA ensures that customers do not have to compromise on looks or long-term durability. The bags made of recycled materials must pass exactly the same demanding tests. These include, for example, realistic mechanical stress and abrasion testing when fully loaded. There are also no disadvantages in terms of water-repellent properties with these bags. A QUALITY PROMISE UNDERSCORED BY A LIFETIME WARRANTY.



Made of high-quality recycled PET, the SELECT series is kind to the planet, making it ideal for ecologically-minded consumers who don’t want to compromise on quality, functionality and design. Find the perfect partner for your private or business trip. Our wide range of shoulder bags, backpacks and trolleys delivers the highest quality, functionality and optimum protection for mobile devices for every size and every price category.