e-invoicing Rechnungsprozess optimieren Bechtle
Optimise your invoicing!

SO SIMPLE – The Bechtle e-invoicing system.


Secure, legally compliant, and paperless - this is how invoice processing works today.

Take your chance and accelerate your invoice process with e-invoicing from Bechtle - with this system, we guarantee you a secure, legally compliant and paperless variant for invoice processing. This saves you time, guarantees that the invoice reaches the right recipient directly, and is easy on your wallet.

Invoicing is now even easier with the ZUGFeRD data format standard.

Take the pressure off with completely electronic and automated invoicing and gain a competitive edge! How does it work? It’s easy with ZUGFeRD – the data format standard based on PDF and introduced by the Forum for Electronic Invoicing Germany (Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland (FeRD)).

ZUGFeRD invoices are processed completely automatically because there is no longer the need for a signature.

Gain a competitive edge with Bechtle e-invoicing & ZUGFeRD.

In practice, this means that if two companies agree to send e-invoices, the data can be transmitted to the corresponding IT systems, checked and automatically approved after comparing with the order details before being stored digitally.

All the benefits at a glance:
  • No more printed invoices going missing
  • Directly send to the correct recipient
  • Less manual and operative work
  • Lean process reduces costs and saves time
Want to make the switch to a new way of invoicing? Looking to leverage the benefits ? Have questions about Bechtle e-invoicing and ZUGFeRD?


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