Always online – With Eaton.
The new Eaton 3S Mini.


What happens to your internet router, IP camera, home assistants and smart controllers when the power goes out? How protected are these devices?

With the new Eaton 3S Mini UPS, you can make sure that your critical networked devices stay up and running even during power cuts. 




Find out how the Eaton 3S Mini UPS can help you keep the power on:
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Typical runtimes.
IP camera.

(3 W)

Up to 5 hours.

Wi-Fi extender.

(7 W)

Up to 2 hours.


(4 W)

Up to 4 hours.

Standard internet gateway.

(9 W)

Up to 80 minutes.

Advanced internet gateway.

(15 W)

Up to 40 minutes.