Innovative charging solutions for notebooks and tablets.

Support employees and pupils with readily available technology.


Whether in the office or a classroom, these days notebooks and tablets are a standard feature and are used for a variety of tasks. However, at the end of the day, these IT devices aren’t normally taken home, making it worth investing in a modern environment in which IT devices can be securely stored and quickly charged. Support employee and pupil development at work and school and guide them to success with innovative charging solutions from Ergotron.

Fast charging for your notebooks and tablets.

Ergotron PowerShuttle™ technology is a patented control system integrated into the charging solution. It monitors the incoming current and distributes it to the micro-processor controlled output ports so that your device is quickly, efficiently and safely charged. PowerShuttle charges up to 40% faster than comparable charging systems and protects against electrical arcs from sockets and dangerous touch-currents.

Create active environments for better results on all levels.

A comfortable learning and working space promotes health, collaboration and performance for young and old. Ergotron’s portable, height-adjustable stand-sit desks not only encourage correct ergonomic posture, but also make adjusting a desk according to individual needs child’s play.

Top marks for environmental awareness and sustainability:
Ergotron is dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint.


Elimination of toxic substances.

Products comply with all international environmental regulations related to design, manufacture and packaging.

Example: Full RoHS compliance, resulting in removal of all lead, cadmium and other toxic substances from the production stream.



Aggressive reclamation & recycling.

All scrap products are disassembled and facility trash is sorted for the most efficient recycling possible.

Result: Over 90% of all potential waste by weight avoids being shipped to landfills, with materials instead being recycled, reused or composted.



ISO 14001:2004 certified.

Demonstrated commitment to best-practice procedures in environmental management of facilities worldwide.

Implementation: Quality control systems are in place to continuously improve efficiency and reduce waste.