The right workplace design for your business.


These days, businesses are constantly striving to effectively unify people and technology. The right workplace design plays a very important role: This means that monitors and notebooks need to be positioned to optimally support employees’ ergonomic comfort, flexibility and collaboration.


Ergotron designs dynamic working environments and supports people in working, studying, and caring. The versatile LX monitor arm series helps you to create a working environment that drives your company forward.

The LX monitor arm series.


Simple adjustment.

CF-based products handle a wide range of weights—a CF mount’s capacity can be modified by the simple twist of a screw to support any equipment with an uniform force over a range of motion.


Breakthrough design.

With its ease of adjustment and long-lasting dependability, the breakthrough design of CF’s coiled-spring technology leapfrogs over conventional gas-spring technology commonly used today.


Increased productivity.

When you upgrade your existing display’s base to a more flexible mount, cart or desk that is embedded with CF Technology, the end result will be increased productivity, comfort and wellness.

Be Green.

Ergotron is doing its part to reduce their environmental footprint.


Elimination of toxic substances.

Products comply with all international environmental regulations related to design, manufacture and packaging.

Example: Full RoHS compliance, resulting in removal of all lead, cadmium and other toxic substances from the production stream.



Aggressive reclamation & recycling.

All scrap products are disassembled and facility trash is sorted for the most efficient recycling possible.

Result: Over 90% of all potential waste by weight avoids being shipped to landfills, with materials instead being recycled, reused or composted.



ISO 14001:2004 certified.

Demonstrated commitment to best-practice procedures in environmental management of facilities worldwide.

Implementation: Quality control systems are in place to continuously improve efficiency and reduce waste.