The smartphone that can make a change for people and the planet.

The Fairphone is a mindful smartphone.

Transform your company into a champion for sustainability by providing your employees with a safe, ethical smartphone that reflects your company’s positive values.

What makes our smartphones unique?

fast & secure.

Modular &
repairable design.

Fair &
recycled materials.

Best in the industry for greener electronics.

First and only smartphone company to be Fairtrade Gold certified.

One of the most sustainability-focused companies in the mobile technology sector with a platinum Ecovadis medal, putting it in the top 1% of our industry.

B Corp-certified for using business to address social and environmental issues.

Designed in Europe to change the world.

Fairphone is based in Amsterdam, but our influence reaches out into the furthest corners of the world. Using responsibly sourced materials, we are the first and only smartphone company to be Fairtrade Gold certified. Fairphone is constantly striving to abolish child labour and improve working conditions in the supply chain.

Minimum downtime
and maximum productivity.

The Fairphone 3’s modular and repairable design makes it the ideal business telephone with minimal repair costs and downtimes. This means that the display of the Fairphone 3 can be replaced in a matter of minutes for a fraction of the price it would take to repair a non-modular device.

The telephone that puts people and the planet first.

Take a step towards sustainable, socially beneficial business practices by purchasing a phone that your employees want to be seen with. The Fairphone 3 has a positive impact on issues that tie in with the UN’s sustainable development goals.


If you don’t need any, they won’t be included!

The Fairphone comes with a charger, cables and headphones. Why not use the accessories you have already and contribute to reducing e-waste.

Safe, long-term support.

To guarantee the safety of your device, Fairphone offers quarterly security updates and at least one major update to the next Android version, with the goal of providing at least five years of software support for all devices.

What if you do need some accessories?

Just check out our huge selection of accessories, custom-made for the Fairphone 3.

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