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Hama smartphone accessories.

Perfect every-day solutions. 

Every day use – a challenge for any smartphone.

Smartphones have become our constant companions through thick and thin. From business appointments and holidays to sports in our leisure time, power and protection are two things that we need at all times. Ultra-fast chargers, cables or elegant cases—dive into the diverse world of smartphone accessories by Hama.


Professional charging thanks to high speeds.

What makes the perfect charger? That's right—speed! Topping up your battery to 60 or 80% in your coffee break requires clever technology. Hama chargers communicate with your smartphone and determine the maximum charging current available.
Best of all, you can charge several phones from just one charger. The only requirement? The right connection cable.

Three connections or wireless?

Smartphones are currently sold with one of the following charging formats:


(Apple-spezifischer Anschluss ab Iphone 5)




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USB Type-C

(New connector standard for Android phones)




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Micro USB

(Connection on Android smartphones)





The 3-in-1 cable – the right connector for all your devices.

Having more than one smartphone or tablet can mean different connections and usually a big mess of cables. Not with a 3-in-1! With USB Type-C, Lightning and Micro USB you can charge and sync all your devices.



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  • Easy and quick connection thanks to the USB-C plug that can be used both ways up
  • Built-in connector for Apple devices with Lightning connector

Wireless charging – Just put down and go.

Your smartphone gets charged as if by magic. All made possible by inductive technology. This technology transfers power by means of induction. Simply place the device onto the charging pad and your phone will start charging. This charging technology saves wear and tear on your mobile’s charging port and lets you do away with messy cables.


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Benefits of wireless chargers.

  • Superior premium quality workmanship and performance
  • Charging process optimised for the device which guarantees maximum charging speed
  • Optimal charging protects the battery for a longer life
  • Avoids wear and tear on the port
  • Exclusive design with a stylish look
  • Easy wireless charging—simply place and go


Requirements for wireless charging technology.

Your device needs to fulfil certain requirements for wireless charging to work.

What does QI charging mean?

“Qi” comes from the Chinese and means “vital energy”.
It is now used to refer to inductive energy transfer. Qi is a standard that enables one device to charge many different types of smartphone.

Und die passende Tasche – für jede Anforderung.


Protection is the main reason you buy a smartphone case or cover. Useful additional features such as pockets are simply really practical. Wireless charging-compatible cases are as advanced as they come.”

The only problem will be deciding which to choose! What’s your style?





Hama Booklet „Guard Case“

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Hama Cover "Crystal Clear"



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