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Your data centre is like a racing car—powerful, modern, and equipped with highly specialised technology. But do you really know what’s going on under the bonnet? Are you always firing on all cylinders? When are your load peaks? How close are you to your power utilisation limits? Do you have more performance than you actually really need?


If we ask an admin if their data centre is being optimally used, the answer will generally be yes. However, the performance test teds to show exactly the opposite.


In day-to-day business operations, there is often a lack of time or capacity to analyse and optimise existing hardware. Software-supported use of analysis tools is also difficult or even impossible due to a lack of market transparency.


That’s why we’ve been working with our partner Dell EMC to develop a multi-tiered programme that firstly determines your data centre’s performance and culminates in a professional analysis.


In this way we create transparency for classic medium-sized businesses and public sector companies. We show you how your data centre behaves under maximum load conditions and where optimisation potential is hiding in your existing resources.


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And that's not all..

After the performance test — what are the next steps?


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How does the performance test work?

We start with a validated performance test, which gives you a crystal clear overview of your IT infrastructure and serves as a basis for all optional subsequent development stages.


  • Remote operation, therefore flexible in terms of time and location.
  • No on-site installation necessary.
  • Guaranteed encrypted data transmission and no forwarding of data.
  • No access to confidential data and therefore no intervention in business-critical applications.
  • Live tracking of your system analysis on your personal dashboard.


Modernise? Automate? Transform? Take the performance test!

How high is your data centre’s work load and where are your as yet unused capacities? The Bechtle performance test provides information on its performance and the potential for optimisation. Our IT experts will get in touch to show you the best solution for your IT infrastructure.

Please read our Privacy policy, for more information about our data processing and your privacy rights.

From performance measurement to assessment.

The performance test is quite complex making it all the more important not to interpret the results one-dimensionally, but in the context of other important factors.

That is why we take a holistic approach to assessment and look at the results of the test in their entirety while also taking external factors into account: When was the existing hardware purchased and what is its depreciation period? What challenges does the customer face, how can precise modernisation contribute to achieving individual goals?


Benefits at a glance:

  • Consultation and implementation by experienced data centre specialists.
  • Graphical analysis of your data centre with specific recommendations for action.
  • Vendor-neutral visualisation.
  • You decide the data usage.

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Modernise. Automate. Transform.

The further development of an existing IT infrastructure is a multi-stage and complex process. We want you to be with us every step of the way to create the greatest possible trust with transparent milestones. Bechtle has a long-standing and close partnership with our hardware partner—Dell EMC—being one of only five companies to have been awarded their "Titanium Black" channel partner status.


Our Competence Centres are available throughout Germany for performance measurement and offer you competent support in the subsequent assessment.


The following development steps can be derived from the results:


  • Modernise: Adaptation of your hardware to meet technically required standards. Complete virtualisation and software-based infrastructure alignment round off the new data centre profile. All in all, a modern and sustainable IT infrastructure is created that meets the highest scaling requirements.


  • Automate: IT as a Service and on demand services simplify your processes holistically while resources are bundled and create recognisable added value.


  • Transform: Finally, processes and workflows are adapted to the newly created IT infrastructure so that innovative and proactive applications can build on them to add value.



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Modernisieren. Automatisieren. Transformieren.

Die Weiterentwicklung einer vorhandenen IT-Infrastruktur ist ein mehrstufiger und komplexer Prozess. Wir möchten Sie dabei auf jedem Schritt des Weges mitnehmen und mit transparenten Meilensteinen größtmögliches Vertrauen schaffen. Mit unserem Hardware-Partner Dell EMC verbindet Bechtle eine langjährige und enge Partnerschaft. Dies bestätigt der Partnerstatus “Titanium-Black“, der im Channel nur fünfmal vergeben wurde.


Unsere Competence Center stehen Ihnen flächendeckend in ganz Deutschland für die Leistungsmessung zur Verfügung und bieten Ihnen kompetente Unterstützung beim anschließenden Assessment.


Auf Basis der Ergebnisse lassen sich folgende Entwicklungsschritte ableiten:


  • Modernisieren: Anpassung Ihrer Hardware auf den technisch erforderlichen Stand. Eine vollständige Virtualisierung und softwarebasierte Ausrichtung der Infrastruktur runden das neue Datacenter-Profil ab. In Summe entsteht eine moderne und zukunftsfähige IT-Infrastruktur die höchsten Skalierungsansprüchen gerecht wird.


  • Automatisieren: IT as a Service und on demand Services vereinfachen Ihre Prozesse ganzheitlich, ebenso werden Ressourcen gebündelt und schaffen erkennbare Mehrwerte.


  • Transformieren: Abschließend werden Prozesse und Workflows an die geschaffene IT-Infrastruktur angepasst, so dass innovative und proaktive Anwendungen wertschöpfend darauf aufbauen können.



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