Juniper and NCP.

Two premium suppliers combine their products.

Two high-end providers in the security and communications market have now combined their product lines—the Juniper SRX/vSRX series and the NCP Exclusive Remote Access Solution—to provide a state-of-the-art firewall and remote access VPN solution.

NCP Exclusive Remote Access Solution.

Centrally manageable VPN client suite and IPsec & SSL standard management exclusively for Juniper Networks SRX firewalls.


The NCP Exclusive Remote Access Solution is vendor-locked and has been specially developed for the Juniper SRX/vSRX Gateways. For best possible compatibility and technological synergy, the Juniper Gateways are additionally equipped with patented NCP technologies.
The client suite includes NCP Exclusive Remote Access Management for central administration of the VPN network meaning software and configuration updates, users, licences and certificates can be managed easily and clearly.
With any NCP Desktop Client licence for Windows or macOS devices, you automatically receive an NCP Management licence for Android or iOS mobile devices.




Juniper SRX/vSRX Series.

Next-generation state-of-the-art firewalls.


Compact, high-performance next-generation firewall with hardware-accelerated security services protect business-critical people, data and infrastructure.
The SRX1500 is a high-performance, reduced latency firewall for for the enterprise campus with distributed locations and for small to medium-sized data centres.
The SRX4000 series offers highly available and high-performance, next generation firewalls to protect small to medium sized enterprise campuses and data centres.